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Responsible for defining a technical strategy and a supply plan related to systems in collaboration with the Project Manager involved and the Purchasing Department;
Coordinates internal technical activities as a whole to make sure SR projects are performed properly;
Participates in the development and daily update of the general and detailed planning of engineering activities of SR projects under his supervision;
Optimizes and updates technical and cost quantity structures according to the established objectives;
Prepares the technical documentation (parameter specifications and standards, inspection procedures and plans) necessary for the purchasing and outside manufacturing of different systems or components of a project;
Participates in negotiations and technical discussions with the main suppliers and subcontractors and the Purchasing Department;
Organizes and leads internal start-up meetings regarding technical activities and design reviews with the various Engineering Departments involved.
Ensures an efficient follow-up, support and management of technical aspects for the entire duration of the project with customer representatives, internal Engineering Departments involved, suppliers and subcontractors as well as teams in charge of on-site work;
Offers the required technical support to prepare and manage customer and supplier claims;
In collaboration with the Project Manager, analyzes, defines and implements a contingency plan to correct any failure or inadequacy that can have a direct impact on the results of a specific project (costs, deadlines, quality);
Manages technical documentation and correspondence for projects, including quality records, installation procedures, drawings and operations and maintenance manuals.

Your responsibility

The Andritz Hydro Canadian Service & Rehabilitation organization is managing a sustainable growth of its activities, and therefore is looking for talented and qualified resources who will contribute to the success of this division, namely a System Engineer who will be involved in project execution.

Your qualification

Bachelor of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering (certified member of the O.I.Q);
Minimum 5 years of experience in the fields of hydroelectricity or energy producing equipment and related manufacturing activities;
Knowledge of products and technical aspects related to hydroelectric equipment;
Proven experience in design engineering and technical coordination of engineering activities and subcontracting;
Technical management skills - capable of managing several complex tasks simultaneously and establishing priorities on a daily basis;
Listening skills and excellent verbal and written communication skills in an environment involving many internal and external partners
Satisfactory knowledge of French and English;
Proven leadership related to team work;
Excellent problem solving and decision making skills, initiative and creativity;
Capable of working within a complex multicultural organization and availability to travel, if necessary.

Offer / Application

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