Sustainability overview

We are heading towards green power

Sustainability has always been an integrated part of ANDRITZ’s corporate policy. It is reflected in the daily work of each ANDRITZ employee as well as in the management principles and business relationships implemented within the Group.

The principles of sustained development – meeting the needs of today's generation without restricting the opportunities of future generations – form a core element of the ANDRITZ corporate policy. We believe that only companies that do business in a socially sustainable and responsible way can be active in the market on a long-term, successful basis.

Therefore, sustainability is a crucial success factor for ANDRITZ that also contributes to increasing the value of the organization in the long term. ANDRITZ strives constantly to improve its performance in the areas of economic, ecological, and social sustainability. An important part of these efforts is the publication of the sustainability report, which is based on the world's leading CSR standard issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The following topics form the main content of the ANDRITZ sustainability report:

  • Ecologically efficient products
  • Environmental data and energy consumption (in manufacturing)
  • Compliance and adherence to legislation
  • Diversity and equality
  • Market presence and business policies
  • Supply chain and procurement

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