ANDRITZ HYDRO Morelia, Mexico

ANDRITZ HYDRO is one of the leading global suppliers of electro-mechanical equipment and services for hydropower plants. ANDRITZ HYDRO has been operating in the hydraulic power generation sector for more than 170 years. Special application pumps and turbo generator are further fields of activity.

ANDRITZ HYDRO S.A. DE C.V., located in Morelia, Mexico, provides integral solutions, products and services for hydropower plants.

Company profile

Our location in Morelia is organized in four divisions:

  • Large Hydro (from 30 MW up to 800 MW)
  • Compact Hydro (up to 30 MW)
  • Service & Rehab (Modernization of hydropower plants)
  • Automation

The scope of products is therewith divided into mechanical and electrical ones which include, amongst others, all types of turbines, gears and valves, components for generators or spare parts as well as excitation, protection and control systems and SCADA – up to services such as site installation, commissioning and training.

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Mexico - An Emerging
Global Player

Temascal I

Improving competitiveness and economic growth of the Mexican economy   Modernization of Francis turbines and generators in Mexico  
Mexico - An Emerging Global Player   Temascal I  

History of ANDRITZ HYDRO in Morelia

ANDRITZ HYDRO S.A. DE C.V. has its roots in the TEISA S.A. de C.V., founded in 1981, which was a joint venture between Nafinsa, Mexico (70%) and Escher Wyss, Switzerland (30%). In 1996, Escher Wyss was taken over by Sulzer, Switzerland. But in 2000 the company again changed owner and was acquired by VA Tech, Austria. Finally, in 2006 VA Tech Hydro became part of the ANDRITZ GROUP. Since then our location in Mexico is named ANDRITZ HYDRO S.A. DE C.V.

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ANDRITZ HYDRO – one of the leading global suppliers for electromechanical systems and services for hydropower plants



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