Hydropower plant Karahnjukar, Iceland
Hydropower plant Mascarenhas, BrazilGuri II hydropower plant, Venezuela

Large new installations

The ANDRITZ HYDRO “Large Hydro” division offers turnkey electro-mechanical equipment and services for the installation of large new hydropower plants (“from water-to-wire”) and components, including installation.

Whether it there is a “green field” development project, an extension or a modification of existing facilities, ANDRITZ HYDRO has the know-how to ensure the customer’s objectives and particular requirements are achieved on time and within budget.

ANDRITZ HYDRO’s tailor-made solutions are perfectly suited to the customer’s specific energy production cycles and market needs.

The ANDRITZ HYDRO system and service portfolio for large new hydropower plants includes:

ANDRITZ HYDRO provides penstocks and gates - from design to commissioning:

Design, engineering, project management, shop and field fabrication, installation, testing, commissioning and rehabilitation of penstocks and gates for hydropower plants, ship locks, water supply, and irrigation projects such as:

  • Exposed and embedded penstocks
  • Pipe bridges and steel tunnel linings
  • Manifolds and bifurcations
  • Radial gates, flap gates
  • Intake and outlet equipment
  • Bottom outlets (h>180 m)
  • Spillway and ship lock equipment
  • Trash racks and raking equipment
  • Hydraulic and mechanical hoists
  • Automation and controls
  • Spare parts

Scheme of a hydropower plant for energy production from "from water-to-wire"

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