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ANDRITZ HYDRO offers design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply of all types of products and components for hydropower stations, as well as equipment for other special applications.

Penstocks and gates More than 450 hydropower plants worldwide have been equipped with penstocks and gates delivered by ANDRITZ HYDRO since 1947 and are working to full customer satisfaction.  
Turbines Based on the specific requirements of the hydropower plant, ANDRITZ HYDRO provides the optimal type of turbine – up to 1800 m head and 800 MW.  
Valves ANDRITZ HYDRO has installed different types of valves worldwide, including butterfly valves, cone valves, and spherical valves.  
Hydrogenerators ANDRITZ HYDRO has been providing generators for hydropower stations for more than 120 years. Today, ANDRITZ generators with a total capacity of more than 160,000 MVA are in service worldwide.  
Hydromatrix Hydromatrix is a new, innovative concept of hydraulic energy generation, which combines the advantages of proven technology with low-cost installation. It can be integrated easily into existing dam structures or weirs.  
Electrical power systems Based on the specific requirement of the hydropower plant, ANDRITZ HYDRO provides engineering, design, installation, and commissioning of electrical and balance-of-plant equipment – "from water to wire.”  
Automation In addition to primary technology, secondary technology represents a key competence of ANDRITZ as a leading supplier of electromechanical products and services for hydropower stations  
Monitoring and diagnosis Online monitoring and diagnosis systems are able to detect thermal, mechanical, dielectrical, and magnetic problems at hydropower and thermal power generating units at an early stage.  
Ocean kinetics ANDRITZ HYDRO offers solutions and services for tidal power plants, using the oceanic energy of tides in bulb turbines, or tidal current power plants using the tidal current flow.  
Pumps ANDRITZ HYDRO meets the growing demand for larger and more efficient pumps that are especially tailored to individual requirements.  
Controllable pitch propellers Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP), provided by ANDRITZ HYDRO, deliver outstanding performance for naval and coastguard vessels, mega yachts, and many other special application vessels.  
Turbogenerators The Generator Turbo Division of ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of turbo generators for thermal power plants with output ratings ranging from 10–350 MVA.  



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