Detail of ANDRITZ HYDRO Pelton turbine of ANDRITZ HYDRO Kaplan turbine

Hydro turbines

By using a generator, hydro turbines convert the kinetic power of water into electrical energy.

ANDRITZ HYDRO has more than 175 years of accumulated experience in turbine design and has over 31,000 turbines - more than 430,000 MW - installed globally.

A water turbine is a turbine which makes the hydropower available. The kinetic energy of the water is converted into rotational energy by means of the water turbine, which causes rotation of the turbine shaft. This rotation is used to drive a generator to produce electrical energy. To achieve optimum efficiency, the turbine must be adapted to the specific demands of the hydropower plant such as different heads and flow rates.

ANDRITZ HYDRO provides a wide variety of different turbine types - from Pelton turbines for high head applications and large output over Francis turbines for the medium net head range and large output up to 800 MW per unit to Kaplan turbines for low head operation with small unit output. For very low head and low unit output ANDRITZ HYDRO offers also bulb turbines.

ANDRITZ HYDRO is known for technology applications for special purpose such as pump turbines or tidal current turbines, generating power from water speeds.

ANDRITZ HYDRO is famous for its very own invention – the HYDROMATRIX – for low head operations up to 19m that can be installed in existing dams and gate structures.

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