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ANDRITZ HYDRO has more than 120 years of experience in generating electricity. We also provide wide experience in penstocks and gates and have equipped more than 500 hydropower plants. We are one of the few turnkey equipment suppliers for hydropower plants. ANDRITZ HYDRO guarantees optimum execution of every single customer contract, regardless of project size. Some highlights that we are particularly proud of are also acknowledged world records.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-references-mandraka.jpg)

Mandraka, Madagascar

With a capacity of 23.3 MW, the Mandraka plant is a very important power producer in Madagaskar. ANDRITZ Hydro rehabilitated all four Pelton turbines. Each runner with a pitch diameter of 1,000 mm operates at a head of 226 m.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-references-ruzizi.jpg)

Ruzizi I, RD Congo

With a capacity of 36 MW, the Ruzizi I plant is a very important power producer in northern Congo. ANDRITZ Hydro rehabilitated two of four Francis turbines. Each runner with a diameter of 2,750 mm operates at a head of 24 m.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-references-edea.jpg)

EDEA I, Cameroon

With a capacity of 50 MW, the Edea I plant produces an important share of the 700 MW available for Cameroon’s southern electricity grid. ANDRITZ Hydro rehabilitated all three propeller type Kaplan turbines of Edea I. Each runner with a diameter of 3,180 mm operates at a head of 24 m.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-lower-st-antony-falls.jpg)

Lower St. Anthony Falls, United States

Lower St. Anthony Falls (LSAF) lock and dam are located on the Mississippi River in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. LSAF forms part of the inland waterway navigation system and was built by the government in the 1950s. It consists of a main lock and an uncompleted auxiliary lock.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-chievo.jpg)

Chievo dam, Italy

In Verona’s district of Chievo, a dam and adjacent ship lock was built in the 19th century on the Adige river to establish the Camuzzoni canal.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-grand-coulee.jpg)

Grand Coulee, USA

The Grand Coulee Dam is the largest hydropower plant in the United States. Grand Coulee dam supports four different powerhouses containing 33 hydro-electric generating units. Modernization and overhaul of three Francis units (units G-22, G-23, and G-24) with an installed output of 805 MW each at the third powerhouse.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-mica_dam.jpg)

Mica 5 & 6, Canada

The Mica hydropower station is an underground powerhouse, located in the south-eastern part of British Columbia, that was originally constructed in 1977 with four 444 MW Francis turbines. ANDRITZ HYDRO supplied, installed and commissioned an additional two 520 MW Francis turbine and generator units.
Customer: BC HYDRO

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-cirata-high.jpg)

Cirata, Indonesia

Delivery of the electro-mechanical equipment, including eight Francis turbines, generators, valves, transformers, and control systems. The Cirata hydropower plant is located in West Java and is Indonesia’s largest hydropower plant, forming the backbone of the Indonesian grid.
Customer: PT-PLN (PERSERO)

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-song_loulou.jpg)

Song Loulou, Cameroon

With a capacity of 400 MW, the Song Loulou plant produces the main share of the 700 MW available for Cameroon’s southern electricity grid. ANDRITZ HYDRO rehabilitated seven of the eight Francis turbines. Each runner with a diameter of 4.5 m operates at a head of 39.2 m.
Customer: EDEA

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-dagachhu.jpg)

Dagachhu, Bhutan

Supply of two 62.2 MW, 6-nozzle Pelton turbines, the inlet valves and the hydraulic steelwork for the weir, the intake, desilter, and powerhouse. This project marks another milestone in the development of hydropower resources in the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Customer: Dagachhu Hydro Power Corporation Limited (DHPC)

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-ruacana_falls_.jpg)

Ruacana 4, Namibia

With its 240 MW installed capacity, the Ruacana hydropower station is by far the largest electricity generation plant in Namibia. For the power plant extension, ANDRITZ HYDRO delivered a new 92 MW Francis turbine, the complete mechanical equipment, and hydraulic steel structures.
Customer: Nampower

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-el_hierro.jpg)

El Hierro, Spain

El Hierro replaces a diesel electrical plant with a 10 MW wind farm together with a pumping station and a hydraulic power plant. When the wind farm provides more power than needed, the surplus energy is used to pump water to an upper reservoir. ANDRITZ HYDRO supplied the electromechanical equipment for the hydraulic power plant containing horizontal Pelton turbines.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-karahnjukar.jpg)

Kárahnjákar, Iceland

Design, engineering, manufacture, supply, installation, and commissioning of the electromechanical equipment for HPP Kárahnjúkar (six 116 MW Francis units).
Customer: Landsvirkjun

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-freudenau.jpg)

Freudenau, Austria

Located at an active navigation lock on the Danube River near Vienna, Austria, the 25-unit HYDROMATRIX module has been commissioned in early March 2000. The module generates power during both the fill and drain periods of lock operation. This requires the turbine-generator units to operate in both flow directions.
Customer: VERBUND Hydropower AG

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-image-bajina-basta.jpg)

Bajina Basta, Serbia

Complete refurbishment and upgrading of the Bajina Basta (four 105.6 MW Francis units) hydropower plant, the second largest hydropower plant in Serbia.
Customer: Electropriveda Srbìje (EPS)

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-rouna_ii.jpg)

Rouna II, Papua New Guinea

Rehabilitation of the electromechanical equipment, including the control system of the Rouna II hydropower plant.
Customer: PNG Power Limited

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-dakpsi_5.jpg)

Dak Psi, Vietnam

ANDRITZ HYDRO supplied and installed three 10 MW horizontal compact Francis units for the Dak Psi hydropower station in Vietnam.
Customer: Dak Psi Hydropower Investment & Development JSC

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-tsankov_kamak.jpg)

Tsankov Kamak, Bulgaria

The two 43 MW Francis turbine power plant is located on the Vacha River in the Rhodopian mountain area of Bulgaria. ANDRITZ HYDRO was responsible for the entire electro-mechanical project scope, including design, manufacture, transport, installation, and commissioning of the equipment.
Customer: Nationalna Elektricheska Kompania (NEK)

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-image-caruachi.jpg)

Caruachi, Venezuela

The Caruachi hydropower plant with twelve 175 MW Kaplan turbines is located on the Caroní River. Scope of supply of ANDRITZ HYDRO - engineering, fabrication, delivery to the site, and installation supervision including commissioning of 9 radial gates with hydraulic hoists and two sets of stop-logs.
Customer: Empresa Electrificacion del Caroni (EDELCA)

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-oymapinar.jpg)

Oymapinar, Turkey

The Oymapinar underground hydropower station was put into operation in the 1980s and is equipped with four 138.5 MW Francis turbines. The target of the rehabilitation project was a fully automatic power plant with state-of-the-art remote control capability.
Customer: Cengiz Group

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-muratli.jpg)

Borcka & Muratli, Turkey

Supply and installation of electromechanical equipment for the Borcka and Muratli hydropower plant. HPP Borcka is equipped with two 150 MW generating unit sets (Francis turbine). HPP Muratli is equipped with two 57.5 MW generating unit sets (Francis) and is the last stage of a hydropower cascade, which comprises a total of 11 hydropower plants on the Coruh River.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-nussdorf.jpg)

Nussdorf, Austria

The Nussdorf Hydromatrix plant is located downstream of the Schemerl weir at the intake of the Danube canal at Nussdorf on the outskirts of the city of Vienna. The weir, together with its two radial gates and the canal, are part of the city’s flood protection system.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-image-ashta.jpg)

Ashta I & II, Albania

Ashta Hydromatrix power plant

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-agonitz.jpg)

Agonitz, Austria

The Agonitz plant is located on the upper reaches of the Steyr river in Austria. Prior to modernization and upgrading of the existing plant, ANDRITZ HYDRO had the opportunity to conduct prototype tests with a Hydromatrix as well as with its newly developed StrafloMatrix.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-three-gorges.jpg)

Three Gorges, China

Manufacture and installation of seven Francis turbines and six generators for the Three Gorges Project, the largest hydropower plant in the world (26x 700 MW).

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-image-3-guri_ii.png)

Guri II, Venezuela

Manufacture and installation of new 770 MW Francis turbines and excitation systems for one of the biggest powerhouses in the world. Largest Francis runner ever built in Europe and among the most powerful in the world.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-sihwa.jpg)

Sihwa, South Korea

ANDRITZ HYDRO supplied essential parts of the electromechanical equipment for ten 26 MW bulb turbine units for Sihwa tidal power plant, the largest tidal power plant in the world. The runner diameter of one bulb turbine is 7.3 m.
Customer: Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-bieudron.jpg)

Bieudron, Switzerland

Manufacture and installation of three 423 MW five-jet Pelton turbines in Bieudron. They are operating under the most extreme conditions. A water head of 1,869 m and the machine output of 423 MW have set two world records.
Customer: Cleuson-Dixence Construction

ANDRITZ Reference Image (hy-goldisthal.jpg)

Goldisthal, Germany

For Germany’s largest pump storage plant at Goldisthal, ANDRITZ HYDRO supplied two 325 MW asynchronous, variable-speed motor generators. These motor generators are the only ones of their kind installed outside Japan and are a true milestone in pumped storage technology in Europe.
Customer: Vattenfall Europe AG

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