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Pet food processing

ANDRITZ designs and builds key process machines, but also offers complete plant solutions for the global pet food industry. Our business is based on a competitive approach to matching the requirements of successful pet food companies.

When designing new technologies or customer-specific plant solutions, ANDRITZ has to take account of the demand for reliable processing, cost efficiency, uniform quality, appropriate visual appearance and palatability, and high-performance pet food based on multiple combinations of feed ingredients, hygiene, and traceability in the interests of food safety.

Extensive knowledge and experience from having supplied pet food producers with technology and technical services since the 1960s are among the things that make ANDRITZ unique. We are one of very few companies with the ability to design, manufacture, supply, and optimize each and every key processing machine in the pet food production line, as well as the process plant as a whole. Wherever your pet food plant is located, and for whatever pet you are making the food, ANDRITZ has the experience and offers a full range of processing machines and equipment – from raw material intake to finished pet food bagging – as single unit or complete plant solution.

These solutions are always backed up by technical consultancy, engineering services, installation, running in, and after-sales located close to main pet food producing regions. ANDRITZ offers a world-class aftermarket service with supply of OEM engineered spare parts and process optimization consultancy, serving the global market on a local level with its highly skilled staff.



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