Research and development: from the idea to the product

To further extend the Group’s technological leadership, products and processes are improved and further developed in the ANDRITZ research centers. The main goal is to develop customized technologies, which are developed in close cooperation with our customers.

The ANDRITZ organic growth is based strongly on research and development. Total Group expenditure for research and development, including contract-related developments, amount to approximately 3% of annual sales. About 1,000 people are working in ANDRITZ research center worldwide. ANDRITZ has approximately 5,700 patents and patent applications, and some 1,100 patented and registered brands.

Important focuses in the development of new and innovative technologies are

  • higher environmental protection
  • reducing the input of energy and resources in the production of machinery and plants, and
  • extending their life cycle

In this way, ANDRITZ helps its customers worldwide to comply with environmental specifications in the best possible way and to generate economic value added by reducing costs and increasing productivity. Contract-related development work is often conducted in collaboration with customers.

R & D

Producing energy from paper mill waste residuals

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