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Wolfgang Leitner, President and CEO of ANDRITZ AG

ANDRITZ headquarters, Graz, Austria

Rehabilitation of small hydropower plants – the Kilmorack hydropower plant in Scotland

Complete electromechanical equipment for large hydropower stations – Freudenau hydropower plant on the Danube, Austria

Hydropower as renewable energy source – the Limmernboden reservoir in Switzerland

Francis turbine runners

Simulation of a Francis turbine

Pump impellers used for irrigation of agricultural land

Turbine unit for a small-scale hydropower plant

Two impellers manufactured for a spiral casing pump used in the irrigation of farmland

Modernization and refurbishment of existing hydropower plants

Turbo generator used in gas and steam power stations

ANDRITZ service specialists

ANDRITZ Twin Wire Press

Biomass boiler and recovery boiler at Navia pulp mill in Spain

Part of the recovery boiler at a pulp mill in Spain

Sheet drying plant in Portugal – the first EPC delivery of this kind in Europe

The world’s largest LC refiner in the Braviken pulp mill, Sweden

Horizonte pulp mill, Brazil

Central automation control center at a pulp mill

ANDRITZ PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue machine

RDF power plant with circulating fluidized bed boiler and flue gas treatment in Leipa, Germany

Filter shaft for a vacuum disc filter used in hard coal dressing to obtain coking coal

Membrane filter press used to dewater sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants

Screen bowl centrifuge used in salt (potassium chloride) production to separate the salt from aqueous solutions

Belt dryer supplied to sawmill in Germany

Sludge dewatering and drying plant in Tilbury, England

Drum dryer for the eco-friendly production of high-grade granulate from sewage sludge

Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge

ANDRITZ multi-cell pressure drum filter

Galvanizing section of an electrolytic galvanizing line

Gravitel process used in the production of high-quality, electro-galvanized steel strip for the automotive and household appliances industries

Cold-rolled strip annealing and pickling line

Pickling line for stainless steel processing

Looper of a hot dip galvanizing line

Conditioner for animal feed production plants

Close-up of a pellet mill for animal feed pelleting

ANDRITZ hammer mills for the production of uniform, fine wood particles for further processing in the pelleting plant

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