What does it take to get 20% more yield?

Our separation specialists help making better wine and cutting production costs.

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Learn more about our separation technology for food and beverages


We continue displaying our unique capabilities in separation with our seventh image video.

Our campaign ASK YOUR SEPARATION SPECIALIST highlights success stories from our various industries.

Episode 7 shows our innovative approach to finding a wine filtration solution to increase yield, reduce production costs and minimize or eliminate the need for filter aids. It also needed to have a small footprint and be capable of handling must and sparkling wine.

With the world’s broadest technology portfolio and more than 2,000 experts in 40 countries, ANDRITZ SEPARATION is the global leader in separation. For more than 150 years our technologies and services have been a driving force in the evolution of industries ranging from food and beverage production to mining and minerals, chemicals, organic waste, biomass, and wastewater management. To date, we’ve delivered more than 55,000 installations worldwide.



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