Showcasing recent orders/projects

Customers put their trust in ANDRITZ for projects large and small. Our future business depends on our past performance. That is why references are so important to our reputation and are a good indication of how we minimize the risks to ensure a successful project. You can see a summary information of recent references in the Pulp, Paper, Power, and Service Sectors below. We accept the challenge!

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-metsae-fibre-aeaenekoski.png)

ANDRITZ to supply key production technologies for new bio-product pulp mill in Finland

Scope of supply in short :

  • A complete wood processing plant including three debarking lines designed for world record capacities
  • A fiberline for softwood and hardwood. The line’s softwood capacity will be the highest in the world by far
  • The world’s most energy-efficient black liquor evaporation plant with the highest capacity in Europe
  • A recausticizing plant, which will be the largest in Europe

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-oki.png)

ANDRITZ to supply the world’s largest High Energy Recovery Boiler to OKI Pulp & Paper Mills, Indonesia

The total capacity of the ANDRITZ High Energy Recovery Boiler (HERB) is about 50% higher than of any other recovery boiler in operation today worldwide, reaching a black liquor firing capacity of 11,600 tons of dry solids per day. The maximum daily green electricity production of the boiler is equivalent to the average daily electricity power need of a European city of one million inhabitants.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-klabin.png)

ANDRITZ supplies key equipment for the new greenfield pulp mill at Klabin, Brazil

The pulp mill will have an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons, 1.1 million tons thereof in short fiber and 400 thousand tons in long fiber. The new pulp project in Brazil is the largest investment in Klabin’s history and will double the company’s production capacities. Start-up in February 2016: From contract signing (29th of Feb, 2014) to start-up phase in two years!

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-fibria.png)

ANDRITZ to supply equipment for Fibria’s Horizonte 2 pulp mill at its Três Lagoas unit in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

New pulp mill  will have an annual pulp production capacity of 1.75 million tons. Start-up is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017. The scope of supply covers the EPC delivery of all process islands of pulp mill including wood chip yard, fiber line (cooking, washing and bleaching), drying machine, recovery boiler, evaporation and causticizing processes and lime kiln.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-itc-kovai-ffd.jpg)

ITC Kovai, India: FibreFlow drum pulper processes highly contaminated waste

The success of its recycling initiative in India, known as the WOW program, was the driving force for ITC to install a FibreFlow drum pulper from ANDRITZ. The drum makes it possible to process a wide variety of waste paper types including some very hard-to-process post-consumer products. Start-up took place in 2013.
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OCC Systems

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-tnpl-dip.jpg)

New deinking plant for hi-quality printing and writing grades at TNPL, India

With a new printing/writing machine on the way, Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd. better known as TNPL, predicted a shortfall of pulp. This led to the decision to purchase a deinking line. With the new plant from ANDRITZ, the mill now has ample high-quality pulp to feed its paper machines. The line started up in 2013.
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Deinking systems

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-panpac-bctmp.jpg)

Pan Pac, New Zealand: Conversion of TMP to high-grade BCTMP

To future-proof its markets, Pan Pac of New Zealand decided to convert a large part of its standard TMP production to BCTMP (Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp). It chose ANDRITZ to design, deliver, and install the new line – which today has one of the largest two-stage peroxide bleach plants in the world for long fiber. Start-up was in 2012.
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BCTMP process

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-se-skoghall-sludge.jpg)

New sludge dewatering plant at Stora Enso Skoghall, Sweden

ANDRITZ installed a new sludge dewatering line for thickening and dewatering of fibrous sludge at Stora Enso’s Skoghall mill in Sweden. The scope comprisee the supply of a Gravity Table GT and a Sludge Screw Press SCS to process up to 50 tons of mixed sludge per day, that will be dewatered to the highest possible dryness. Start-up took place in 2014.
Sludge dewatering

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-five-star-wouzhou-deaeration.jpg)

Five Star Group – Wuzhou Special Paper, China: New ShortFlow deaeration system

Five Star Group’s Wuzhou Special Paper launched an 80,000 t/a specialty line in the fall of 2012 with glassine paper as the flagship product. ANDRITZ’s pioneering ShortFlow deaeration system, the first in China, aids the mill in producing this glass-like sheet. It also provides the flexibility required for frequent grade changes while consuming less energy and chemicals.
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Paper/board machine approach

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-fujian-liansheng-stock-prep.jpg)

Three stock preparation lines for Fujian Liansheng, China

The newest machine at Fujian Liansheng, PM8, produces very high quality coated board, white-top testliner, and other packaging products. Three of the four layers of the coated board are processed by new ANDRITZ stock preparation systems, including two FibreFlow drum pulpers and a deinking plant, started up in 2014.
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Recycled fiber production

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-hengan.jpg)

Hengan Group, China: PrimeLine tissue machines with steel Yankees

In 1998 ANDRITZ stated-up its first PrimeLine tissue machine incl. stock preparation and automation at the Hengan Group. In 2012 alone, ANDRITZ has started up a total of four tissue machines for Hengan, two of which are fitted with the largest steel Yankees for tissue in operation worldwide. Four more machines are on order for start-up in 2014.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-sft1-pm7.jpg)

Relocation and reconfiguration of paper machine for SFT Group, Kamenskaya Mill, Russia

The challenge was to dismantle a second-hand machine for graphic papers in Finland, transport it to Russia and reconfigure it as a packaging machine. ANDRITZ integrated parts of the old machine, including sections that required refurbishing and upgrading, with its own paper machine technology to install a state-of-the art paper machine, PM7. As part of the project, ANDRITZ delivered a new recycled fiber processing line for OCC and mixed waste and a new PM approach system. Start-up was in 2013.
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Second-hand solutions
Recycled fiber systems for OCC

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-xinya-prcapmp.jpg)

Relocation and reconfiguration of mechanical pulping line for MCC Paper Yinhe Co., Ltd., China

Our scope of supply comprises key equipment completing the existing used machinery to a fully fletched P-RC APMP line, as well as a new woodyard, an ANDRITZ automation system and a services package. Second-hand equipment stemming from a former conventional APMP line of the late 1990s is designed, engineered and upgraded with a new state-of-the-art P-RC APMP technology. Start-up in 2014.
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P-RC APMP process

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-paper-kolicevo.jpg)

PrimeLine board machine rebuild for Količevo Karton, Slowenia

The challenging task was to install a new wet-end on PM3 and to incorporate a hybrid former– in a period of only 10 months! To meet the space limitations at the mill, ANDRITZ developed a completely new type of hybrid former (PrimeForm HB) – the one on PM3 is now one of the smallest in the world, performing precisely to specifications. Start-up took place in 2011.
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PrimeLine paper and board machines

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-paper-fushun-hupopaper.jpg)

PrimeLine tissue machine, Fushun Mining Group, China

Fushun Mining Group is a Chinese state-owned coal and oil shale company with more than 40,000 employees. The decision to add tissue production to the portfolio required Fushun to select its technology partner very carefully. ANDRITZ delivered the stock preparation technology, as well as the PrimeLine tissue machine and automation systems for the new plant. Start-up took place in 2011.
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PrimeLine tissue machines

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-power-ataka-image.jpg)

Power station in Ataka, Egypt

A comprehensive rehabilitation plan was developed for the two gas and oil fired units 1&2 (max. output 150 MWe each) at the Ataka power station, including a complete evaluation of the plant, analysis of its operating data, and further measurements for improvements.

The project was originally completed by former Waagner-Biro (now ANDRITZ Energy & Enviroment) in the early 1980’s. 30 years later the customer again selected the experienced team from ANDRITZ Energy & Environment.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-jk-paper.jpg)

ANDRITZ supplies major equipment and technologies for the pulp mill of JK Paper Ltd., India

The delivery encompasses the latest technology in woodyard equipment, a complete continuous cooking line and fiberline with an EFC bleaching plant, recovery boiler and evaporation plant, as well as the white liquor plant (kiln, recausticizing, including dregs washing/dewatering).

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-yueyang-dip.jpg)

3-loop deinking line for Yueyang Paper (Tiger Forest & Paper Group), China

3-loop deinking line with 550 t/d capacity to produce environmentally friendly copy paper and offset paper for Paper Machine No. 10, and higher quality copy paper for Paper Machine No. 9. Line uses American sorted office paper and local office waste paper to produce a deinked pulp with quality comparable to market pulp (up to 82% ISO). Start-up in 2009.
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-shandong-sun-paper-prcapmp.jpg)

Four P-RC APMP lines started up with Shandong Sun Paper Industry, China

Sun Paper started up in total four mechanical pulping fiberlines, based on the ANDRITZ P-RC APMP process at their location in Yanzhou (Shangdong), between 2008 and 2012. The raw material for all lines is a mix of poplar, eucalyptus and acacia. The P-RC APMP technology achieves the required pulp qualities at the lowest refining energy.
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P-RC APMP process

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-pulp-production-occ.jpg)

Largest OCC system for Shouguang Meilun Paper Co., Ltd., Shouguang City, China

Supply of complete OCC (old corrugated container) system for the production of coated testliner with a line capacity of 2,450 t/d. It is today the largest OCC line in the world and was started up in 2012.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-montes-del-plata-2.jpg)

Largest order in ANDRITZ history: Montes del Plata in Uruguay

Montes del Plata is a 50:50 venture of Stora Enso and Arauco to build and operate a greenfield 1.3 million t/a market pulp mill in Uruguay. ANDRITZ is the main technology supplier – providing the production equipment for the woodyard, fiberline, pulp drying plant, chemical recovery, and power island.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-eldorado.jpg)

Complete pulp mill for Eldorado Celulose e Papel S.A. in Três Lagoas, Brazil

EPC delivery of the woodyard, complete fiberline (cooking, washing, screening, and bleaching systems), pulp drying equipment and baling lines, as well as the white liquor plant with recausticizing and lime kiln. With the production of 1,600,000 t/a bleached eucalyptus, the mill will be the largest pulp mill in the world. Start-up in 2012.
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-chenming.jpg)

ANDRITZ supplied all process technologies for a greenfield pulp mill to Zhanjiang Chenming Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., China

EPC delivery of 700,000 t/a bleached hardwood pulp mill. The supply comprises woodyard, fiberline ,pulp drying, bale finishing and chemical recovery island. ANDRITZ supplied also  complete stock preparation and approach flow system for a 450,000 t/a fine paper machine fine paper machine being installed at the same mill.Start-up in September-October 2011.
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-stora-enso-maxau.jpg)

Stora Enso Maxau, Germany – Hybrid design CFB boiler

Stora Enso’s Maxau mill, on the Rhein River near Karlsruhe in southwest Germany, produces SCA and SCB publication papers. The two machines, with design capacity of 540,000 t/a, and the groundwood mill are the highest energy consumers in Maxau’s process. ANDRITZ supplied a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler - system PowerFluid - and FGC (dry) for production of electrical power and process steam for paper mill Maxau GmbH, Germany. Treatment of fuels with limited chlorine content - Hybrid design. Start-up in 2010.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-re-powergeneration-bfb-boiler.jpg)

Portucel Soporcel Group, Portugal

Delivery of two identical biomass boilers, one for Cacia, one for Setúbal. The electric power output of the plants is 15 MWe each. The boilers are based on BFB technology and the fuel used (50 MW/unit) is mainly eucalyptus bark. Start-up in 2009.
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-palm-woerth.jpg)

Palm Wörth, Germany

Supply of an EcoFluid bubbling fluidized bed boiler plant to the Palm Wörth mill in Germany. The boiler plant is used for the combustion of residues from the paper mills of the Palm Group and produces electricity and process steam for the paper production. The boiler plant burns a wide range of residues including rejects, fibre sludge, biomass sludge, deinking sludge as well as biogas from the purification plant. Start-up in 2008.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-power-generation-boilerstandadimage.jpg)

Iggesund Paperboard, UK

Scope of supply includes bubbling fluidized bed boiler island as well as erection work and commissioning. The boiler will burn wood-based fuels and generate steam at the rate of 195 t/h. The boiler’s design is based on ANDRITZ’s well-proven BFB technology combining high fuel efficiency with excellent environmental performance. Start-up in 2013.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-power-generation-boilerstandadimage.jpg)

Graphic Packaging International, Macon mill, USA

Supply of bubbling fluidized bed boiler, fuel and bottom ash handling systems, and boiler safety system. The boiler is expected to make the Macon mill energy self-sufficient (electrical power and steam generation) which will reduce customer’s energy costs and dependency on fossil-fuel based alternatives. Start-up in 2013.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-fortum-parnu-bfbboiler.jpg)

Fortum Termest AS, Estonia

Supply of bubbling fluidized bed boiler, fuel feeding system and ash handling equipment for a CHP plant with a production capacity of 45 MW heat (for district heating) and 24 MW electricity. The biomass fuel is mostly forest and sawmill residues from local markets, and the remaining portion will be peat. Start-up in 2010.
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-e-on.jpg)

E.ON’s Åbyverket power plant in Örebro, Sweden

Supply of a 70 MW biomass boiler for one of Sweden’s largest biofuel-fired cogeneration plants. Scope includes 95 t/h steam boiler based on BFB technology; external fuel handling system; flue gas cleaning and flue gas condensing; process and building electrification; instrumentation; boiler safety system, and control system. Start-up in 2012.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-chemical-recovery-boilers-sulfitboiler-sappi.jpg)

Sappi Manufacturing Ltd. Amakhulu: Sulfile liquor boiler plant in South Africa

World’s biggest sulfite liquor boiler plant, including a complete chemical recovery for the combustion of sulfite liquor and methanol as well as light fuel oil as back-up fuel. The steam parameters are 490° C, 86 bar and 270 t/h. Start-up in 2008.

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-tree-references-paper-vpk.jpg)

VPK Oudegem: Rebuild of press section in Belgium

Rebuild of paper machine press section, featuring the PrimePress Trix shoe press, that accelerates dewatering, considerably lowering the cost of production. Start-up in 2010.
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-tissuemachines-compact-landscape.jpg)

LLC Pulp Invest, Russia

First PrimeLineCOMPACT plant on the Russian market: PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue machine with complete stock preparation for virgin fiber, PrimeDry Steel yankee and automation. Start-up in 2012.
more product information: Tissue machines

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-stora-enso-ostroleka-occ.jpg)

OCC (old corrugated container) line and reject treatment for Stora Enso Ostroleka, Poland

In December 2012, Stora Enso started up a complete ANDRITZ fiber processing line and reject treatment system at its Ostrołeka mill in Poland. The 1,665 t/d OCC line – the most modern in Europe – feeds the new PM5 which produces testliner and fluting. 120 t/d of rejects from the RCF plant are processed in a unique system, that helps fuel the mill’s new power boiler. Instead of being discarded, the plastics in the rejects are a valuable energy source.
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Recycled fiber systems OCC
Reject systems for converting paper mill waste

ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-tree-references-paper-hebei.jpg)

Hebei Yongxin Paper: Complete packaging paper plant in China

ANDRITZ delivered all production systems for the 400,000 t/a Kraftliner and linerboard machine: complete stock preparation plant, packaging paper machine, paper finishing equipment, complete plant automation. Start-up in 2009. Hebei could sell their products from the first paper on reel on!
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-tree-references-paper-cardella.jpg)

Cartiere Modesto Cardella: Rebuild of former section in Italy

The project included the first ANDRITZ gap former. Testliner machine: Modification of the approach flow, new white water system, rebuild of wet section. PrimeFlow TW two-layer headbox with PrimeProfiler dilution water control and PrimeForm TW gap former. Start-up in 2010.
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ANDRITZ Reference Image (pp-references-paper-fripa.jpg)

Fripa (Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich): PrimeLineCOMPACT, Germany

Successful market introduction of the PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue plant concept: from stock preparation, tissue machine, and reel to automation. Start-up in 2008.
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