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Metris: Industrial IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things is with us

The terms Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or also Industry 4.0. and Smart Factory are omnipresent nowadays, and not just in the industrial environment. Companies’ expectations of greater plant efficiency and increased profitability by networking machines and applying such technologies as Smart Sensors and Big Data Analytics have high priority.

As the IIoT will be a core topic in the future to maintain and enhance the ability to compete, ANDRITZ has combined its innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, which is field-proven in many reference plants, with immediate effect under the technology brand “Metris – Industrial IoT Solutions”.

Metris technologies are the very latest state-of-the-art in the IoT/Industry 4.0 sector and can be fully tailored to individual customer requirements.

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Metris: foresee digitally


What is Metris?

Based on extensive and long-term experience as a supplier of technologies and systems for various branches of industry, ANDRITZ offers a broad portfolio of intelligent, digital solutions that provide significant help to customers in achieving their production and corporate goals.

  • Enhancing plant efficiency and profitability
  • Optimizing the use of resources
  • Constant and highest product quality
  • Avoiding production downtime
  • Maximum user-friendliness, for example easy control
    via smartphone or tablet PC


The Metris brand name is a combination of the words metis – which in Greek mythology stands for practical, complex implicit knowledge – and matrix, i.e. arranging numerical data cybernetically to control and adjust machines.


Metris is based on three technological pillars

ANDRITZ Metris: Smart sensors    ANDRITZ Metris: Big data    ANDRITZ Metris: Augmented reality

Smart sensors

In addition to the use of conventional Smart Sensor technologies for analysis of measurements and signals, ANDRITZ offers micro and wireless sensors as well. This can be used to optimize operation of the plants or systems by analyzing specific parameters that are freely selected by the customer.


Big data

In the Big Data sector, Metris products calculate any deviations in production in advance by means of field-proven simulation processes and uses them to derive the control actions required. In this way, for example, production downtime can be avoided or the use of consumables reduced.


Augmented reality

With Augmented Reality applications, information is made visible where it is needed, which is on the spot at the plant itself. The technology focuses on showing the information in context so that the operating personnel gets the best possible support, particularly for complex control actions.


Combined know-how from OPP

Over ten years ago, ANDRITZ developed OPP (Optimization of Process Performance) – a system to optimize equipment and plants in the pulp and paper industry – for the Pulp & Paper business area and has continued to improve it further on the basis of customer experience.

The OPP system detects any anomalies and deviations in pulp and paper production at an early stage by analyzing production data. Sheet breaks or other adverse effects on production can thus be predicted at an early stage. As a result, countermeasures can be implemented in good time, guaranteeing reliable production and also optimizing operations, including the use of resources. ANDRITZ OPP systems are being used successfully all over the world.

Now ANDRITZ has developed OPP further for use in other business areas and is offering solutions for different sectors. The technologies used are adapted to the requirements and needs of each individual customer.


“With Metris, we are combining all of the ANDRITZ GROUP’s IoT solutions
under a single technology brand that stands for innovation and know-how.
We offer scalable, multi-branch IoT solutions down to machine level that
can be used for new and also existing machines and systems and
support our customers substantially in achieving their goals in terms
of productivity and efficiency in the best possible way.”

Gerhard Schiefer, Vice President Global ANDRITZ AUTOMATION

Gerhard Schiefer, Vice President Global ANDRITZ AUTOMATION

ANDRITZ Metris Industrial IoT solutions - foresee digitally


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