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ANDRITZ capabilities for the food and neutraceutical industries

ANDRITZ gives you access to a comprehensive range of technologies for solid/liquid separation, drying, and automation to produce safe, high-quality products. Tailor-made solutions are available that address the industry’s need for safe, pure, and economically sustainable production.

Offering safe, high-quality products is a vital issue in the food and neutraceutical industries. In an increasingly diversified environment, ANDRITZ provides solutions which enable efficient operations and high purity of output, whether the application is for starches, proteins, dairy, beverages, oils/fats, biofuels, fermentation, neutraceuticals, or biotechnology products.

Our customers’ process requirements and specific product characteristics drive the selection process of ANDRITZ technologies. That is why we offer a wide range of solid/liquid separation equipment so you can be assured of the optimum choice for your needs – presses, centrifuges, separators, filters, screens, cyclones, and drying/cooling systems. We have the ability to test options in our pilot facility to help our customer develop and tailor the right solution.

Once installed, ANDRITZ equipment comes with the support of a strong global service network for the food and neutraceutical industries.

In the automation area, we offer a range of products and services to help run operations quickly, safely, accurately, and ahead of the curve. ANDRITZ automation solutions include electrical, controls, and instrumentation systems. If a project is a greenfield plant, we design the control system and test it against a dynamic simulation so processes will start up error-free. If a project is an upgrade or optimization, we will provide customized engineering, simulation, control, and training solutions.

Our global experience means that we can provide solutions quickly and efficiently. Best of all, we bring the power of our services and products right to your site, whether it is in an urban industrial complex or a dairy in a rural location.




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