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ANDRITZ HYDRO is one of the leading global suppliers of electromechanical equipment and services for hydropower plants. ANDRITZ HYDRO has been operating in the hydraulic power generation sector for more than 170 years. Special application pumps and turbo generators are further fields of activity.

ANDRITZ HYDRO in Canada is located in six facilities: Pointe-Claire main office (Quebec), Lachine Hydraulic Laboratory (Quebec), Peterborough facility (Ontario), Paris facility (Ontario), Chambly facility (Quebec), and Richmond office (British Columbia).

ANDRITZ HYDRO Canada employs approximately 350 highly qualified and experienced persons.

ANDRITZ HYDRO in Canada is the worldwide hydraulic Center of Competence for Francis and diagonal turbine technology within the ANDRITZ Group, including a well-equipped and world class instrumented hydraulic lab with two test stands. The turbine mechanical engineering, located in Pointe-Claire, is the ANDRITZ excellence center for large Francis turbines, whereas the generator engineering located in Peterborough is the ANDRITZ excellence center for low speed generators greater than 50 MVA. The stator winding (coils and bars) are manufactured in the winding shop located in Peterborough. Design and manufacturing of control gates are managed by our Center of Competence in Paris. Electrical Power Systems and Automation are designed and manufactured by our Center of Competence in Chambly.

Additional activities of ANDRITZ HYDRO in Canada comprise sales, project management, procurement, installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment of hydro power plants.

ANDRITZ HYDRO can supply all types of turbines up to 800 MW and more, generators up to 950 MVA and more, butterfly valves, spherical valves, gates, auxiliary equipment (automation, protection, excitation, governor, SCADA).

ANDRITZ HYDRO is also a leading company in maintenance (Service & Rehab) and small hydro water-to-wire products (Compact Hydro).

Project experience

ANDRITZ HYDRO in Canada completed recent projects in Canada, such as Wuskwatim (3x66MW propeller units) in Manitoba, Lower Mattagami (approx. 3x72 MW diagonal units) in Ontario, Forrest Kerr (9x21.5 MW Francis units) in British Columbia, GM Shrum Poles 1-5 refurbishment in British Columbia, Wells stator rewind in Ontario, EB Campbell Units 7&8 Turbine, Generator and Gates refurbishment in Saskatchewan, Beechwood Kaplan turbine refurbishment in New Brunswick. In Quebec, recent projects include Bersimis 2 turbine refurbishment, Toulnustouc spherical valve works, SM-3 replacement of stator winding, Rapides 2 tension converter, Manic 1 static excitation, La Tuque 5 static excitation, Beauharnois static excitation and turbine refurbishment works.

Our worldwide installed-based equipment also recently included Nam Theun 2 in Laos (4x247 MW Francis and 2x43 MW Pelton units, Balance of Plant), Yixing in China (4x250 MW pmp units, Balance of Plant), and John H Kerr in USA (6x46 MW Francis turbine, rewind and Balance of Plant refurbishment).


  • Hydraulic laboratory, Lachine, QC
  • Turbine engineering center, Pointe-Claire, QC
  • Generator engineering center and winding shop, Peterborough, ON
  • Electric power system and automation engineering center and assembly shop, Chambly, QC
  • Gates engineering center and manufacturing, Paris, ON
location pointe claire

ANDRITZ HYDRO Canada Pointe-Claire office



6100 Trans Canada Highway

Pointe-Claire, H9R 1B9

Quebec, Canada

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