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History of ANDRITZ Kft.

The Hungarian company dates back to 1929, when a private entrepreneur established a firm for manufacture of agricultural spraying equipment

ANDRITZ Kft. has long played an important role as supplier to the chemical industry. It has also become a significant player in power equipment manufacturing, including various gas and steam turbine components. The company was nationalized in 1947. Following a privatization process in 1993, it became the property of the management and employees at the time (51.3% and 48.7%, respectively). In 2007, the international technology Group ANDRITZ acquired 100% of Tigép Kft. Now operating under the name ANDRITZ Kft., the company acts as a manufacturer for the ANDRITZ GROUP and other international companies.


Company name

Since 2007 ANDRITZ Kft.  
1993–2007 Tigép Kft  
1972–1993 Vegyépszer Rt.  
1965–1972 Vegyiműveket Szerelő Vállalat  
1929–1965 Tiszakécskei Permetező Gépgyár  



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