History of ANDRITZ Bricmont, USA

Founded in 1965, the Bricmont company has a long history of know-how and experience

2013 Renaming of ANDRITZ Bricmont Inc. as ANDRITZ METALS Inc.
2012 ANDRITZ acquires Bricmont and HiTEQ from Inductotherm to become ANDRITZ Bricmont
2003 Bricmont receives the first of several contracts for large aluminum melting and holding furnace systems in China
2000 First "L" shaped CGL line in China
1999 Bricmont delivers the first aluminum melting furnaces in the USA
1998 First rotary hearth furnace based on DRI system
  Bricmont acquires Davy-Swindell aluminum technology – a leading technology for large round-top melters
1997 Acquires continuous strip processing technology
1996 Bricmont is acquired by Inductotherm from its original owner/founder
1995 First commercial application of coal-based DRI
1994 First use of simulation technology for dual thin-cast furnace systems
1993 The training department implements its first computer interactive training system
1991 Bricmont starts to implement a formalized total quality management system
1989 Bricmont delivers the first thin-cast tunnel furnace
1983 First furnace to guarantee 1 mmbtu/ton fuel rate
1981 First turnkey furnace
1978 Bricmont establishes a separate department concentrating on furnace operation and training of customers
1976 Heating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces for steel are added to the business line
  Bricmont receives its first international order at its headquarter in Pennsylvania, USA
  Formalization of Direct Digital Controls

First furnace built - roller hearth for Cameron Iron Works, USA

First use of finite element heat transfer analysis of steel reheating

1965 Francis Bricmont establishes Bricmont and Associates
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