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ANDRITZ Atro GmbH is a leading supplier of screw pumps for water and waste water applications and of hydrodynamic screw turbines for exploiting the energy potential of small rivers with heads of up to 10m.

ANDRITZ Atro GmbH (formerly Ritz-Atro GmbH) located in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany, manufactures screw pumps for conveying water, waste water, sludge, and other solids-containing media (e.g. in the pulp and paper industry). In order to economically exploit the natural energy potential (starting from 1 kW up to 500 kW) of rivers with heads of up to 10 m, ANDRITZ Atro has developed the hydrodynamic screw turbine.

Since the 1970s, ANDRITZ Atro has supplied leading solutions to the water and waste water industry. In the year 2000, the company added hydrodynamic screw turbines to its product portfolio in order to make use of small water potentials of flowing water with a head of up to 10 m, serving municipal, industrial, and private customers. ANDRITZ Atro provides many years of experience, in-depth technical know-how, and innovative solutions to customers all over the world.

ANDRITZ Atro hydrodynamic screw turbines

With the help of hydrodynamic screw turbines, even small volumes of flowing water serve as a valuable, renewable source of energy. Small hydrodynamic facilities bear immense potential for drawing energy from naturally flowing waters. Another positive aspect is that the water becomes enriched with oxygen, which in turn improves the quality of the water downstream. The screw and trough can be embedded easily into the natural surroundings, and the technology is very fish-friendly.

Hydrodynamic screw turbines reach high efficiencies of up to 92%. Varying water heads and varying water flow rates upstream and downstream of the screws only have a marginal effect on efficiency and do not affect their functioning and operation. With hydrodynamic screws, the fine-screening installations for protection against floating objects and fish that are needed for small turbine installations can be omitted. Only a coarse screen needs to be installed, and any objects and fish can pass through the screw unhindered and unharmed.

ANDRITZ Atro screw pumps

Screw (or worm) pumps are the ideal choice for lifting high water or waste water capacities to fixed heads. They are characterized by high operational safety, reliability, and long service life. Optimum efficiency can be guaranteed at any operating point (also during part-load operation). Thanks to the large passages and open design, the screw easily handles solids-containing media without the danger of blockage. Slow speeds prevent premature wear and are also well suited for conveying delicate media. Screw pumps adapt automatically to the inflow volume at constant speed, guaranteeing smooth and even loading without the need for any control mechanism.





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