ANDRITZ Inc., Muncy, Pennsylvania, USA

The Muncy location is a global foundry and manufacturing facility for Durametal refiner plates, which are utilized in the pulp and paper and panelboard industries.

The ANDRITZ manufacturing facility in Muncy, Pennsylvania, USA, produces castings and precisely machined refiner plates for high-consistency, low-consistency, and MDF applications with the highest possible quality standards. The ANDRITZ Durametal refiner plate is the result obtained with a talented and highly experienced team of refining specialists. Our goal is to provide value-added products to customers through process improvement.

Our applications specialists are found in mills and plants working closely with operators and maintenance personnel in pursuit of solutions to optimize refining lines. Optimization involves selecting the right alloys, patterns, and operating methods to obtain high fiber quality, at the lowest specific energy consumption, while achieving maximum plate life.

Refiner plate design

The ANDRITZ plate design team has over 150 years of collective experience in refining and plate design. Our specialists are continuously improving the refining process through the development of technology (refining systems) and the engineered wear components (refiner plates).

The R&D and design teams work together to evaluate new concepts for all refining applications. The basic refiner plate design is tested and proven, and certain elements (pitch, angle, bar profiles, bar numbers, etc.) can be modified for specific applications. Once a design is deployed, we work to enhance its performance through a program of on-going monitoring and mill visits.

Durametal – plate production
Refiner inspection



35 Sherman Street

Muncy PA 17756

United States

Phone: +1 (570) 546 8211

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