History of ANDRITZ Inc., Muncy

ANDRITZ Inc., Muncy, was originally established as “Durametal”, a supplier of heavy-duty cast iron brake drums, in 1948, before starting to manufacture refiner plates. It was acquired by ANDRITZ in 1992.
Today     ANDRITZ Inc., Muncy, produces over 36,000 circles of refiner plates per year and is one of the fastest growing suppliers in this business.
1996     Closure of brake drum division in Tualatin
1992     ANDRITZ acquires Durametal
Refiner plate manufacturing moved to Muncy, Pennsylvania
1988     New refiner plate foundry built in Tualatin, Oregon
1987     New refiner plate foundry built in Muncy, Pennsylvania
1970     Durametal begins manufacturing refiner plates
1964     Durametal builds a foundry in Tualatin, Oregon
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