ANDRITZ S.A.S. in Châteauroux, France

Competence center for solid/liquid separation by centrifugation

ANDRITZ S.A.S is located in Vélizy-Villacoublay, France, offering separation solutions for customers’ specific process requirements. The ANDRITZ S.A.S manufacturing plant has been located in Châteauroux since the beginning of the 1970s and also accommodates our service center, as well technical and administrative departments.

ANDRITZ S.A.S provides separation solutions to meet customers’ needs, mainly in the environmental, chemical, and food industries. More than 10,000 references worldwide speak for our technical know-how, quality, and innovations, which have made us one of the leading companies on the environmental market.

ANDRITZ S.A.S. in Châteauroux develops and manufactures the following solid/liquid separation equipment

  • Screens (Aqua guard, Aqua-Screen™ water treatment equipment, Hydrasieve, Rotospir, Rotopress, Girapac, Girasieve, Spirosand)
  • Belt filters (Power press, Power drain)
  • Drum filters (Drum thickeners)
  • Decanter centrifuges (D-series centrifuge) and separators
  • Screen centrifuges (C-series)
  • Krauss-Maffei peeler and pusher centrifuges, as well as dryers
  • Filter presses (side-bar and overhead)
  • Sand filters (Hydrasand)

The ANDRITZ S.A.S service center is dedicated to assisting each solid/liquid separation equipment user, concentrating firstly on preventive maintenance, optimizing process reliability, and minimizing operating costs. Choosing ANDRITZ for after-market assistance (both for ANDRITZ or other separation equipment brands) ensures that your employees work within the required quality and security levels.

ANDRITZ Service offers

  • A large range of services, from maintenance to training, sale of spare parts, sale of second-hand machines, and machine rental
  • Recognized expertise and know-how
  • Unique polyvalence in solid/liquid separation
  • Field service for various types and brands of separation equipment
  • A reactive team at your disposal

ANDRITZ S.A.S. is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and employs over 170 people.


2011 Merging of KMPT France S.A.S. with ANDRITZ S.A.S.
2004 Establishment of ANDRITZ S.A.S.
2003          Merging of ANDRITZ SA and Guinard Centrifugation SA to establish ANDRITZ GUINARD S.A.S.
1990          Foundation of ANDRITZ SA (formerly Combustion Engineering SA) in Orléans as the French affiliate of ANDRITZ AG
1973 Foundation of Guinard Centrifugation in Châteauroux
1950s Guinard Pumps develops a Separation Department

Manufacturing plant, R&D center, and service center in Châteauroux, France

Manufacturing plant, R&D center, and service center in Châteauroux, France

The D5LLTC decanter centrifuge. Industrial technology adapted to the treatment of wastewater sludge.

Solid bowl decanter centrifuge D


Headquarters, service center, technical department, production site


Allée de la Garenne - Zone Industrielle Le Buxerioux

36000 Châteauroux


Phone: +33 (2) 54 61 33 33

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Bâtiment B

4 avenue Morane Saulnier

Inovel Parc Nord

78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay


Phone: +33 (1) 39 26 05 50

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