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Centrifuge seminars 2016

Comprehensive overview of operation and maintenance work for filter centrifuges

We have already supported our worldwide customers for many years as a reliable service partner regarding the improvement of plant safety, product quality and throughput capacity. Based on these experiences we are offering a seminar focused on "Service and Maintenance of Filter Centrifuges" and would like to invite you to participate. Since the seminar has a comprehensive approach it is also ideal for training purposes.

Seminar dates

October 20-21, 2016 (seminar language English)
October 25-26, 2016 (seminar language German)


ANDRITZ KMPT GmbH, Vierkirchen, Germany

Content of the seminar

  • Design and operation of peeler-, pharma- and pusher centrifuges
  • Best practice for centrifuge operation
  • Maintenance and inspection of centrifuges
  • Safety aspects of centrifuges and guidelines for maintenance of centrifuges
  • Process automation and performance improvements of centrifuges
  • Practical examples
  • Factory tour

Who should attend?

Operating personnel of centrifuges, engineers, technicians, maintenance supervisors and personnel from production and maintenance.

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