Complete processes – all from a single source

From hot-rolled strip to value-added products – ANDRITZ METALS offers future-oriented technologies

ANDRITZ METALS is one of the few single-source suppliers worldwide capable of providing all technologies and processes involved in the manufacturing of steel strip on a comprehensive basis: mechanical, process, electrical equipment and automation, as well as lifecycle services.

This ensures interface minimization as well as consistent optimization of the overall process.

ANDRITZ METALS offers future-oriented technologies in the cold rolling, thermal treatment, and surface finishing market segments. All required processes come from one supplier – from engineering to start-up. The performance packages cover complete lines as well as special machines (e.g. for leveling processes).

The ANDRITZ METALS product chain for

Non-ferrous metals

Pickling > Cold rolling > Annealing > Coating > Finishing > Punching, deep drawing

Stainless steel

Hot strip annealing/pickling > Cold rolling > Cold strip annealing/pickling > Adjustage > Punching, deep drawing

Carbon steel

Pickling > Cold rolling > Annealing > Coating > Adjustage > Punching, deep drawing

Processes offered by ANDRITZ METALS


Degreasing lines, pickling lines, push pickling lines, continuous pickling lines, acid regeneration plants

Hot strip annealing/pickling

Annealing and pickling lines, acid regeneration plants, coil preparation lines

Cold strip annealing/pickling

Annealing and pickling lines, bright annealing lines, acid regeneration plants

Cold rolling

Reversing rolling mills, skin pass mills, roll grinders, multi-roll reversing mills, skin pass mills, tandem rolling mills, inline rolling mills


Continuous annealing lines


Color coating lines, roll coaters, electrolytic galvanizing lines, hot-strip galvanizing lines, color coating lines, tinning lines


Slitting and cut-to-length lines, tension levelers, packing lines, inspection lines, and recoilers

Punching, deep drawing

Electrical and automation systems

Mathematical models, technological control concepts

Lifecycle service


Thermal processing lines for melting and heat treatment

ANDRITZ offers industrial furnace plants for the following fields:

Steel industry (BC & CC)

  • Continuous furnaces:
    Rotary hearth furnace, rotary table furnace, roller hearth furnace, double
    walking beam furnace, walking hearth furnace, walking beam furnace,
    pusher type furnace
  • Special plant systems - Heat treatment plants for heavy plates, shaped profiles, and piping
  • Batch-type furnaces:
    Car bottom annealing furnace, hood type annealing furnace, car bottom forging furnace, heat treatment pit furnace, chamber furnace, pit furnace
  • Special plant systems – Heat treatment plants for railway wheels and rings

Copper industry (Cu)

  • Melting furnaces:
    Shaft furnace, stationary hearth shaft furnace, tiltable hearth shaft furnace, tiltable reverberatory furnace, top blow rotary converter, elliptical furnace
  • Refining furnaces:
    Anode furnace, Peirce-Smith converter, tiltable reverberatory furnace, top blow rotary converter, drum-type furnace, elliptical furnace
  • Special plant systems – Direct-to-wire plants

Aluminium industry

  • Hi-T.E.Q. line of furnaces and systems
    Stack melters, crucible melting and holding furnaces, compact mini-melter furnaces, integrated systems, dry hearth melting furnaces, gas-fired wet bath reverberatory and chip melting furnaces, electric aluminum melting, degassing, and filtration furnaces, electric launder systems

Burner and refractory

ANDRITZ FBB is a leading supplier of industrial burners and heating systems for a wide range of industrial thermal applications, particularly in the steel and aluminum industry.

ANDRITZ FBB refractory products are designed to increase furnace productivity and optimize energy performance.


Please use our product finder tool to find the products to suit your specific requirements.



Carbon steel:


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Stainless steel/non-ferrous:

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Furnaces for aluminium and steel industry:

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Furnaces for carbon steel processing lines:


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Furnaces for stainless steel processing lines:

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