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DRS – flexible and durable protection devices and solutions

Highest power plant and grid safety by modern protection system. Several products and customized engineering solutions for every application worldwide. Low number of hardware types, comfortable operation tool, supporting all common SCADA protocols, instant customer support.


The compact protection relay is applicable in medium-sized and large plants and also provides very comfortable user operation due to local key pad operation and the LCD display, . The modern software structure enables customer-specific function configurations which can cater for specific plant requirements or desired back-up functionality most economically. The compact mechanical construction enables simple installation and speedy commissioning.


This protection relay with the smallest dimensions is used preferably in small plants, e.g. generators, transformers, etc., but also for feeders, bus-bars, and back-up functions. With the local user interface, it provides comfortable service operation and has the same system features as the higher relay system DRS-COMPACT2A.

The relay models available are configured cost-efficiently for various applications. The device is easily commissioned and therefore also very suitable for industrial use.


The distributed low impedance numerical bus bar protection enables flexible application for almost all possible bus-bar layouts due to the inherent universal concept. A redundant fiber-optic, high-speed interface bus guarantees typical tripping times of 15ms. As with other products of the DRS-family, the DRS-BB provides the same user comfort for local operation and configuration of the field units, and of the central unit via the user interface.  As with all other DRS relays, it also provides for operation from remote control locations.


The digital line differential relay DRS-LLD is a protective device for overhead lines and power cables. Up to 6 line ends can be covered by the scheme. Also, a transformer can be included in the protected area.

The hardware and software are a new and extended version of the well-tried DRS-BB bus bar protection. The design is based on our more than 40 years of experience in the power plant protection division.


The modern 32-bit user software is distinguished by the attributes of high ergonomics and clearness. The intuitive application enables easy configuration of all parameter settings, visualizing of records on faults and events, as well as printed documentation of the complete protective function file data.

Simple access to all protection relays of the plant can be gained via the integrated trans-diagnostics function feature carried out from a higher-order remote control location. This software operates all DRS versions and all relay types supplied.

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