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Primedry Paperboard

PrimeLine drying section for paper and board machines

The PrimeDry ST and DT drying sections, covered by the PrimeDry hood, can be arranged in a single-tier and double-tier design. Additionally, it can be equipped with ANDRITZ PrimeRun components, PrimeDry steel cylinders, PrimeCoat film/size presses, PrimeAir glide systems, and PrimeCoat coaters.

Single-tier dryer section

The ANDRITZ PrimeDry ST can be arranged in a single tier without open draw to ensure high runnability. The PrimeDry ST can be configured for the beginning of the drying section, or used throughout the entire drying section.

Double-tier dryer section

The ANDRITZ PrimeDry DT is arranged in a double-tier design to ensure high water evaporation rates. Specially located fabric rolls to guide the paper on the fabric are supported by the ANDRITZ PrimeRun components to obtain high runnability.

Innovation for efficiency

To improve efficiency, the fabric run is designed without outer fabric rolls. Another increase in efficiency comes with the fabric cleaning technology because a device for re-moistening can be included. The dryer section is ventilated by blow doctors and PrimeRun components. A ropeless tail threader in the ANDRITZ PrimeFeeder can be used in single or double-tier configurations.

At a glance

  • High runnability
  • Moisture shower for curl control
  • Trouble-free, ropeless tail threading

High performance dryers

High performance PrimeDry cylinders for paper and board machines are known for providing excellent drying rates while reducing energy consumption. The newest member of the PrimeDry family, the PrimeDry steel, continues this legacy. Performance of the PrimeDry steel is 5–7% higher than that of a cast iron dryer of the same size at the same operating pressure. This enables either higher production levels or lower energy consumption for the same output.

At a glance

  • Paper widths up to 8,500 mm
  • Standard diameters: 1,500 and 1,830 mm
  • Safer design using steel
  • Higher drying rates thanks to the material properties



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