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Automation solutions for glass-making operations

Helping to achieve operational readiness

ANDRITZ helps glass-making operations around the world bridge the gap between concept and production to achieve operational readiness – quickly, safely, reliably, and ahead of the curve.


The control system in a modern glass-making facility touches every piece of equipment and instrument in the plant. Nothing will be melted, formed, or produced until the plant’s control system is operationally ready. In short, control of the plant can mean the difference between profit and loss.

That’s why ANDRITZ AUTOMATION has an engineering group that focuses on the design of electrical, control, and instrumentation systems. These disciplines typically account for a small portion of the total project budget, but their importance to the operation of a plant is paramount.

ANDRITZ structures the scope of supply to fit commercial needs, from engineering to engineering and equipment supply, to engineering, procurement, and construction. Whatever the situation, we have the people, the patents, and the proven tools to ensure that the plant is operationally ready.

Advanced process control

The ANDRITZ patented, PID-replacement controller BrainWave is the world's leading advanced process controller for the glass industry. Controlling glass temperatures and levels is very difficult because long temperature response times cause conventional controllers to cycle on set point changes and production rate changes. Changing process dynamics often ask for frequent controller re-tuning and set-up.

BrainWave develops a high-fidelity model of the process that includes dead time, and uses this model to calculate control changes that bring the process to set point as rapidly as possible. Being adaptive, it also adjusts the process model to new process dynamics caused by production rate or mode changes.

ANDRITZ AUTOMATION offers a full range of control solutions for glass-making operations

  • BrainWave float glass
  • BrainWave fiber glass
  • BrainWave lighting glass
  • BrainWave container glass
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