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ANDRITZ deinking systems

Bright solutions for deinking pulp

ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers of complete systems for deinked pulp – from pulping to storage, including sludge and reject treatment. Extensive system know-how, long experience in building all types of deinking plants, and a broad range of equipment are the basis for our leading position.

Benefits of ANDRITZ deinking systems

  • Minimized operating costs through very efficient equipment and components
  • Low energy consumption
  • Innovative designs to obtain the highest efficiency, reliability, and boost in pulp quality
  • Environmentally sound processes and equipment (e.g. high reject consistencies eliminate disposal burden and save costs)
  • High up-time and availability: short time requirements for maintenance, long maintenance interviews, and minimal downtime

Deinking system

Deinking system

ANDRITZ deinking systems are based on experience and innovation

Global experience from many installations enables ANDRITZ to specify and build the right system for your deinking application. Our knowledge can be applied to your project with proven profitability and minimum technical risk. From pulping through screening, cleaning, flotation, thickening/dewatering, dispersing and bleaching, as well as sludge and reject treatment – every step is performed by highly efficient and reliable equipment. The entire process chain is designed to improve pulp and paper quality – enhancing your margins and reducing your production costs.

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