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High- and medium-consistency screening

Applications for broke screening, thick stock screening, and protection screening before refining

Maximum cleanliness with minimum costs

Small debris in the approach system can cause quality problems like coating streaks or other visual defects and production problems such as web breaks downtime. Thick stock screening removes impurities before they can enter the paper machine approach system. With high-consistency screening all the stock components entering the machine chest are screened with narrow slots of 0.15–0.25 mm.

Thick stock screening and broke screening benefits

Screening product family designed especially for thick stock screening applications:

  • Screening with narrow slots in high-consistency area reduces the system and pumping volumes.
  • Removing the debris and impurities with efficient thick stock screening leads to considerable cost savings in headbox screening basket area.
  • Narrow slots allow the highest screening efficiency.
  • Flexible basket/rotor combinations allow easy and quick adaptations for all the different raw materials and applications.
  • Optimized rotor dilution options and intermittent rejecting in the tailing screen allow the highest yield and lowest good fiber losses.

Protection screen benefits

Screening instead of high density cleaners:

  • Screen cylinders with 4–5 mm holes are an efficient method to stop the bale wires, stones, and coarse debris destroying the expensive refiner plates.
  • High-consistency screening with consistencies up to 5% offers the optimum process conditions for LC refining.
  • Intermittent reject removal leads to high yield and minimum good fiber loss.

ANDRITZ stock preparation screens

  • ModuScreen CP: protection screen before refining – separation efficiency in high consistencies
  • ModuScreen C&F: combined coarse and fine screening – high screening efficiency with low wear
  • ModuScreen A and ModuScreen F: all thick stock and broke screening applications – high reliability and flexibility for all applications
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