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ANDRITZ headbox screening

Improved paper machine performance before the headbox

Many world class paper machines producing high-quality paper grades rely upon ANDRITZ headbox screens. ANDRITZ screening experience and continuous development has led to efficient, pulsation-free screening for paper/board machine headboxes.

The ANDRITZ ModuScreen HBE headbox screen meets the most stringent requirements for paper stock quality and operating performance. The proven and successful inflow design of the screen, combined with the correct application of slotted or whole screen cylinders, can be applied to any paper or board machine.

ANDRITZ ModuScreen HBE advantages

  • Very low pulsation
  • Low energy consumption with inflow screening
  • No deposits due to polished surfaces – easy to drain and wash
  • High screening efficiency with low reject rates
  • Modular construction
  • Heavy particles and impurities flow to the outer periphery of the screen body preventing breakdown between foil and screen cylinder.

ModuScreen HBE (photo)

ModuScreen HBE

ModuScreen HBE (graph)

ModuScreen HBE

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