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PrimeDry technology for drying coatings

A wide range of systems are used to dry coatings applied to paper and board. With PrimeDry TwinSide S and PrimeDry TopSide S, ANDRITZ has the right technology to deliver a high-quality end product.

Technology and design

PrimeDry TwinSide S has a compact design and particularly low height to save space. A system of dampers makes it easy to adjust and balance the air between upper and lower hoods. A joint control damper or frequency converter regulates the volume of supply air. PrimeDry TwinSide S dryers are designed for a wide range of nozzle systems.

For all air bars

The PrimeDry TopSide S uses the latest drying technology. Any type of air bards can be fitted into these dryers. The heater groups are independent units, connected with the dryer hoods by insulated air ducts with flexible connections.

At a glance

  • Simple to use with easy access
  • Designed to use with any type of heating media
  • Effective air system for optimum web guidance
  • Uniform extraction of the return air over the entire width
PrimeDry TwinSide

PrimeDry TwinSide

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