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Continuous cooking with one vessel digester
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ANDRITZ chemical fiberline – maintaining the lead through technology

ANDRITZ’s fiberline technology, process expertise, and environmental knowledge lead to a dramatic reduction in emissions and effluents of pulp mills. That technology, the experience and expertise have been proven in mills from small bagasse plants to the highest capacity eucalyptus mills in the world.

The challenge

Reducing the environmental impact of the pulp manufacturing process is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Of course, there are many other factors critical to success – capacity, quality, energy reduction, and overall cost-effectiveness – which are required in order to maintain global competitiveness.

The solution

Solutions that use raw materials efficiently and that are also environmentally benign are an important step forward. Each year, ANDRITZ makes significant investments in R&D to maintain its lead as a provider of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective technologies. Our focus lies on seeking new solutions in response to new challenges. Every ANDRITZ fiberline process and machine is developed to have a positive impact on pulp production: high pulp quality, high availability, excellent throughput, and excellent energy conservation. Investing in ANDRITZ fiberline technologies provides a technical and economic advantage – now and in the future.

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ

  • LoSolids cooking
  • Brownstock washing
  • Oxygen delignification
  • Screening
  • Bleaching
  • MC technology
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