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6-high cold rolling mill

The special features of 6-high mills are additional intermediate rolls with positive and negative bending and lateral shifting in order to influence the shape and flatness of the rolled strip.

Product description

The diameter of the 6-high work rolls amounts to approximately 1:4 in relation to the barrel length. In comparison to a 4-high mill stand, the utilization range is wider. This type of rolling mill is mainly used in offline applications for cold rolling of soft and medium strip and for a wide range of strip widths.

Strengths and benefits of the 6-high cold rolling mill

  • Rolling technology for highest quality standards
  • Proven and sophisticated design
  • Meets the most exacting requirements regarding process technology, reliability, and maintenance
  • Deformation-optimized housing geometry
  • High control dynamics
  • High screw-down speed
  • Mill-fixed work roll bending (Mae West block) – positive and negative
  • Mill-fixed work roll axial shift arrangement (push/pull)
  • Automatic pass line adjustment
  • Pre-commissioning at ANDRITZ Sundwig workshop

Corresponding E&A models

  • Strip thickness control
  • Strip flatness control
  • Roll force model (Ford, Ellis, Bland, Hitchcock)
  • Strip temperature model
  • Strip flatness model
  • Pass scheduling program
  • Long-term pass schedule and mill pre-set optimization program
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