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ANDRITZ capabilities for bleaching chemical pulp

ANDRITZ pulp bleaching technology ensures high-quality bleached pulp. We have answers to the critical issues of balancing economics with environmental impact – whether producing elemental chlorine free (ECF) or totally chlorine free (TCF) pulps.

The challenge

In addition to achieving the targeted brightness of bleached pulp, the process must meet stringent requirements concerning effluent volumes, chemical consumption, and overall pulp quality.

The solution

ANDRITZ’s expertise and experience make it possible to choose the optimal pulp bleaching sequence, equipment, and construction materials to satisfy each customer’s requirements. Advanced mixing and reactor technology ensure uniform pulp bleaching. Efficient washing after each pulp bleaching stage ensures proper removal of dissolved lignin. Together, this minimizes chemical consumption and effluent load, resulting in high-quality bleached pulp with minimal environmental impact.

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ

  • Atmospheric and pressurized reactor towers – advanced designs for optimal process conditions
  • AMix chemical mixers – efficient mixing of bleaching chemicals
  • Drum Displacement (DD) washer – single washing stage type used in pulp bleaching

Pulp bleaching reactors at Aracruz S.A. pulp mill, Brazil


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