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ANDRITZ heat recovery and evaporation capabilities – mechanical pulping

Technologies and services for challenging mechanical pulp mill evaporation and heat recovery applications are all available from ANDRITZ.

The challenge

The challenge is to recover water and chemicals from mechanical or semi-mechanical pulping effluents.

The solution

ANDRITZ technologies recover and reuse heat from the pulping process and also recover and reuse water and chemicals from the pulping effluents.

ANDRITZ RecoRef systems recover released heat into fresh steam generation. The steam can then be used in various applications, off-setting the burning of fossil fuels. At the same time, turpentine can be recovered from the effluent, resulting in a saleable by-product and minimizing VOC emissions to the atmosphere.

ANDRITZ also supplies the ZEDIVAP evaporator which recovers water in effluents for process re-use. Concentrated effluent can be processed to recover chemicals and energy.

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ

  • Heat recovery units (HRU)
  • Turpentine recovery systems
  • ZEDIVAP effluent evaporators

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