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Finishing lines

ANDRITZ METALS offers a respectable range of finishing lines for all kinds of materials. Cold-rolled strip, stainless steel, copper or aluminum, and hot-rolled strip can be handled with our slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, and tension levelers.

With over 300 lines worldwide for slitting, side trimming, cutting to length, and shearing, ANDRITZ METALS is one of the market leaders in this segment. ANDRITZ METALS has the optimum solution for all kinds of materials (high-precision cold-rolled strip, surface-sensitive stainless steel, aluminum, copper strip, or hot-rolled strip). A maximum degree of flexibility is ensured with our large range of patented solutions.

Blanking lines are used by car manufacturers and/or their specialized sub-suppliers to cut car body sheets. Depending on the intended application, rectangular, trapezoidal, curved, or other special shapes can be produced with these lines. Major car manufacturers all around the world use ANDRITZ METALS lines.

ANDRITZ METALS is also a leading supplier of levelers. A wide range of thicknesses can be processed on one machine thanks to our patented roll change system. Our designs can be customized to permit leveling of strip or produce parts with highest surface qualities.

The transfer stacker guarantees highest stacking precision

The transfer stacker guarantees highest stacking precision

Slitting line

Slitting line



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