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Thickening and fiber recovery

Flexible operation – proven technology with innovative ideas

ANDRITZ disc filter DF – proven technology for thickening and fiber recovery/save-all applications

The disc filter DF is a vacuum-assisted thickening and fiber recovery machine with rotating discs. It is suitable for thickening and fiber recovery applications with a wide range of stock feed consistencies. The filtrate cycle can be adapted (e.g. vacuum zones, filtrate splits) to the needs of individual processes.

The save-all disc filter DF incorporates a filtrate valve, which permits greater flexibility for the splitting of filtrates. Cloudy, clear, and super-clear filtrates can be individually adjusted during operation.

Disc filter DF benefits

  • High equipment availability
  • Low-volume sectors to speed up drainage – increased capacity and dryness of the fiber mat
  • Integrated feedbox for perfect mixing of the feedstock
  • Advanced center core to maintain constant vacuum levels with minimum pressure loss
  • Proven, reliable sector design
  • Designed-in flexibility – filtrate split changes possible during the operation

ANDRITZ RotoWash RW – compact, flexible, and efficient fiber recovery with pressure screen technology

The RotoWash RW is used both for de-ashing pulp and recovering fiber from filtrates and sludges. It also can be utilized as a protection filter for shower nozzles, etc. The machine design is based upon well-proven pressure screen technology.

The pulp filtrate of sludge suspension flows over a perforated plate with 100–300µm holes with a high open area. The combination of basket and parabolic rotor creates optimum flow conditions. The fine basket perforations ensure superior fiber retention and boosts filtrate quality.

RotoWash RW benefits

  • Efficient fiber recovery – low solids content in effluent water
  • Closed system and maintenance-free operation
  • Best adaptability to specific process conditions by simple modification of operating parameters
Disc thickener DF, save-all

Disc thickener DF, save-all

RotoWash RW

RotoWash RW

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