Operator Training Systems (OTS)

Solutions for training your people quickly and safely so you can meet your start-up schedule.

ANDRITZ offers a range of customized solutions that help you get the most out of your most valuable resource - your people. These solutions help your operation and maintenance staff learn in a risk-free environment, making sure they are ready to operate your facility once it’s up and running. Our training solutions will mean better trained operators - operators who will start up new processes faster, react more wisely to plant upsets, and be more productive.

Web-Based Training (WBT)

WBT provides the most effective and measureable form of training for your personnel. WBT uses pictures, animation, graphics, sound and text to engage students. A testing engine helps you measure, record, and track trainee progress.

IDEAS Instructor

The ANDRITZ dynamic simulation tool, IDEAS, works much the same way as a flight simulator, providing operators with realistic, hands-on training modules. The IDEAS Instructor module allows training to take place in complete safety, without risk to employees, the plant, or the environment.

IDEAS operator training

Operators learn new processes via ANDRITZ’s OTS

IDEAS instructor DCS training screen

The view from the IDEAS simulator is identical to the real DCS screen

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