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ANDRITZ offers different thickeners for higher throughput and consistencies of recycled fiber pulps.

Disc filter DF: flexible operation

The ANDRITZ disc filter is a vacuum-assisted thickening machine with rotating discs. High equipment availability is achieved due to the disc filter’s ability to clean the face wire during operation. An open filter deck prevents deposits from accumulating, extends the life of the filter cloths, and reduces overall maintenance costs. The sector design and its low volume speed up drainage, increasing capacity and dryness of the fiber mat.

Benefits of the disc filter

  • High equipment availability
  • Low-volume sectors to speed up the drainage for increased capacity and dryness of the fiber mat
  • Integrated feed box for perfect mixing of the feed stock
  • Advanced center core to maintain constant vacuum levels with minimum pressure loss
  • Proven, reliable sector design
  • Designed-in flexibility – filtrate splits are possible during operation

Drum thickener PRS: reliable thickening and dewatering of pulps

The performance of the gravity drum thickener is based on 50 years of pulp dewatering experience. The drum thickener PRS is a simple, cost efficient, and reliable filter for dewatering stock and broke (virgin and recycled fibers) in a consistency range of 0.5–5.0%.

Features and benefits of the drum thickener PRS

  • Excellent runability
  • Easy start-up and shut-down procedures
  • Self-adjusting operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No drop leg required – easy to install

HydroDrain HYD: gravity-based, ultra-compact disc thickener

The ANDRITZ HydroDrain HYD is a compact gravity thickener. It is insensitive to changes in process conditions such as throughput and inlet consistency.

Benefits of the HydroDrain

  • Compact design
  • Efficient and reliable dewatering
  • Large dewatering area with a small floor footprint
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Fully assembled for minimum site erection

MicraScreen MS: economical solids/filtrate separation

The ANDRITZ MicraScreen is a versatile, pressure-fed bow screen for various separation and fractionation applications in the pulp and paper industry. It can be used for fiber recovery, thickening, solids removal, fractionation, and fiber/filler separation.

Benefits of the MicraScreen

  • Cost-effective solids/filtrate separation for various pulp and paper applications
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Automatic screen plate washing and feed slice flushing
  • Compact, closed design
  • Wide screen plate selection
  • Pressurized feed – high capacity

HydraScreen HS: static bow screen for dewatering and cleaning

The ANDRITZ HydraScreen is a static bow screen for various dewatering and cleaning purposes. It can be used for fiber and solids recovery, thickening process and waste waters, dewatering of chips, washing, and barker drum water.

Benefits of the HydraScreen

  • High capacity compared to required floor space
  • Minimum control and maintenance
  • Automatic screen surface washing
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Wide screen plate selection
Drum thickener PRS

Disc filter and drum thickener


HydroDrain HYD



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