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CFB LimeKiln gasifier
Testing facility at GTI Pilot PlantBFB gasifier

Biomass gasifiers for clean energy

ANDRITZ Carbona delivers gasifier plants for various applications using sustainable woody biomass as fuel.

The challenge

Finding proven technologies to replace fossil fuels with sustainable, renewable fuel sources.

The solution

ANDRITZ Carbona gasification systems with simple and proven technology substitute fossil fuels with renewable fuel sources. These gasification systems offer high process efficiency and improved environmental performance.

Gasifiers technology

ANDRITZ Carbona gasifiers are based on circulating fluidized bed (CFB) and bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technologies. Approximate capacity range 10-200 MWfuel per unit.

CFB gasifier -
BFB gasifier - low pressure air     BFB gasifier - high pressure air     BFB gasifier - high pressure oxygen  
for boilers and kilns, large scale with or without gas cleanup clean gas to engines and boilers IGCC bioliquids and synthetic natural gas  
10-150 MWth 10-50 MWth 50-150 MWth 100-200 MWth  
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