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Annealing and pickling lines for hot-rolled stainless steel strip

ANDRITZ provides customized annealing and pickling lines for the entire range of stainless steel strip dimensions.

ANDRITZ METALS supplies custom-tailored hot annealing and pickling lines (HAPL) with or without inline equipment, such as rolling mills (so called DRAP or WRAP lines).

Product description

  • Hot annealing pickling line:
    Processing of stainless steel from a tandem or Steckel hot rolling mill.
    Thermal processing to achieve uniform metallurgical structure and subsequent surface treatment (shot blasting and pickling) prior to cold rolling.
  • White rolling, annealing, and pickling (WRAP) line:
    Tandem rolling of pickled hot-rolled strip, followed by annealing and pickling to produce final cold-rolled and annealed strip in one line.
  • Direct rolling, annealing, and pickling (DRAP) line:
    Hot APL with direct inline rolling prior to annealing in order to produce thinner products with cold-rolled tolerances in gauge.

Strengths and benefits

  • DRAP and WRAP: combination of process steps, less equipment, less inventory, and fewer personnel
  • All machines required are made entirely by ANDRITZ
  • ANDRITZ is market leader in this field
  • Many references all over the world
  • Technological know-how, especially for greenfield producers
  • Combination of pickling and acid regeneration, acid management for several lines
  • Effluent-free lines, heat recovery from furnace

Suitable E&A models

Mathematical model for all processes (annealing, pickling, etc.)

Hot annealing and pickling line (HAPL), furnace exit and scale breaker

Hot annealing and pickling line (HAPL), furnace exit, and scale breaker

Mill section of a rolling, annealing and pickling line (RAPL)

Mill section of a rolling, annealing, and pickling line (RAPL)



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