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ANDRITZ capabilities for solid biofuel production

While generating electricity from fossil fuel is still the most popular method throughout the world, the costs are rapidly increasing. Biomass is readily available and can be grown sustainably. The significant environmental benefit is a potential reduction in CO2 emissions.

The challenge

The major challenges facing solid biofuel producers are related to effectively utilizing the raw materials to ensure renewability and sustainability. Wood and other forms of biomass can be pressed into pellets. These pellets are most often used for heating and for electricity generation (co-firing in a power boiler).

The solution

ANDRITZ offers a range of technologies for pelleting solid biofuels. Due to their low moisture content, regular shape, and high density, these pellets are very efficient to transport and store. Auxiliary systems, including wood processing, bark handling, dryers, and automation, are part of the total offering.

One of the most traditional methods of producing green energy is burning of biomass to generate heat and power. Today’s equivalent is co-firing biomass pellets (made from forest residues, sawdust, wood waste, bark, and other biomass materials) with other fuels in industrial boilers, reducing overall CO2 emissions. Pelleting allows the biomass to be transported and stored easily.

The processing of wood or other biomass into suitable fuel also considers the characteristics of the biomass and the type of combustion system that will be used. Depending upon these factors, the processing line can include equipment for pretreatment, storage, contaminant removal, moisture removal, pelleting, and transport.

ANDRITZ is the global leader in biomass pelleting, with over 350 reference plants.



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