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Degreasing lines

Many years of experience and continuous improvements to ANDRITZ degreasing lines have led to perfect strip surface preconditions for all forms of subsequent strip treatment.

Product description

The highly efficient and compact design of ANDRITZ METALS strip degreasing equipment provides excellent cleaning results with very short treatment time. This leads to reduced investment costs and ensures minimized consumption of utilities. Our cascade rinse and the reuse of rinse water, as well as additional media treatment equipment such as oil skimmers, belt filters, high-gradient magnetic separators, ultra-filtration, and so on, help our customers to reduce the amount of waste water. and thus to save money and protect the environment.

ANDRITZ METALS strip degreasing lines are designed individually to meet the specific requirements of our customers. The typical sections of a degreasing line are:

  • Spray degreasing
  • Dip degreasing
  • Brush degreasing (standard or oscillating brushes)
  • Electrolytic degreasing (vertical, horizontal type)
  • Multistage rinse (cascade type)
  • Strip dryer

Customer benefits

  • Integration of the cleaning section into the overall line
  • All line concepts from a single source


  • High-efficiency cleaning (including electrolyte cleaning)
  • Compact design

Corresponding E&A models

  • Overall line model
Brush degreasing and rinse section

Brush degreasing and rinse section

Spray degreasing section

Spray degreasing section

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