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Processing lines

Highest quality from decades of experience and continuous product development ensures the world market leadership of ANDRITZ METALS in processing lines for hot-rolled and cold-rolled carbon or stainless steel. From a bold idea to the final task, ANDRITZ METALS supports you all the way.

Stainless steel and non-ferrous metals

ANDRITZ METALS' world market leadership in stainless steel processing equipment is based on its large offering of advanced annealing and pickling lines for hot-rolled and cold-rolled strip. We have supplied annealing and pickling lines for stainless steel with innovative engineering. Some of these lines have been acclaimed as having a "world record production rate" or the "largest strip dimensions in the world". Recently, complex rolling-annealing and pickling lines were developed to offer the advantage of manufacturing final products in just one line, requiring less operation and maintenance personnel and reducing the inventory of high-value material.

In bright annealing lines, ANDRITZ is able to offer lines with higher capacity than usual due to our patented muffle design. With process lines for coil preparation, slitting, cutting-to-length, and recoiling, we cover the complete range necessary to manufacture final products ready to be shipped to the customer.

Carbon steel

For hot-dip galvanizing lines and continuous annealing lines used in the automotive industry, ANDRITZ METALS also follows the ‘single-source’ concept. The plant components are precisely tuned to each other. The heart of these systems is the furnace. ANDRITZ Selas has played a leading role in this market for many years, confirming this leadership through constant innovation. Systematic development work includes the DFF technology, which allows ever higher adjustment precision for the furnace atmosphere and the heat input. With this technology, even high-alloyed carbon steel can be coated in accordance with requirements for automotive exposed qualities in the galvanizing bath; additionally, nitrogen oxide emissions are kept extremely low and the most stringent environmental requirements are fulfilled.

The Gravitel process developed by ANDRITZ for electrolytic galvanizing systems has met with worldwide acceptance: Currently, over 30% of electrolytically galvanized products worldwide are produced using Gravitel lines.

High flexibility when changing from one product to another and high surface quality are typical advantages of this process.

ANDRITZ strip coating lines are known for their optimized line configuration, easy accommodation of product, and for color changes (minimized changeover times) – all this at a paint coating accuracy of 1μm.

ANDRITZ METALS provides efficient solutions for each and every type of strip processing line

  • Aluminum processing lines
  • Hot annealing and pickling lines, DRAP and WRAP lines
  • Cold annealing and pickling lines
  • Bright annealing lines
  • Hot-dip galvanizing lines
  • Continuous annealing lines
  • Electrolytic galvanizing lines
  • Strip coating lines
Gravitel cell of an electrolytic galvanizing line

Gravitel cell of an electrolytic galvanizing line

Hot dip galvanizing line

Hot-dip galvanizing line



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