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PowerBlast boilers

PowerBlast (BFG) boilers are used for the combustion of process gases, such as blast furnace gas, coke oven gas and LD converter gas, for installations that need to strictly control gas emissions.

The challenge

Against the background of stricter emission requirements and operating cost saving programs, the steel industry requires intelligent and reliable solutions for the energy-efficient use and environmentally friendly disposal of process gases.

The solution

PowerBlast BFG boilers are customized for the combustion of blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, and LD converter gas. The units are standardized in one- and two-drum designs or the El Paso design for larger units. The high-pressure steam generated can be fed to a turbine and, following partial expansion, the exhaust steam can be employed for the production of industrial steam or for district heating.

Benefits of the PowerBlast boiler

ANDRITZ' blast furnace gas boilers are characterized by their wide fuel flexibility regarding heating values and composition and advanced multi-burner technology to achieve low emissions. The El Paso type steam generator can include a re-heater to enhance efficiency.

As a result of long experience with blast furnace gas firing, in combination with modern engineering tools and design methods, customers can enjoy a PowerBlast boiler with the highest technological standards.

Power blast boiler, Linz, Austria

PowerBlast boiler, Linz, Austria


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