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Sulfite liquor boiler (SulfitePower)

SulfitePower sulfite liquor recovery boilers help to close the chemical loop in a pulp mill – enabling the recovery and reuse of cooking chemicals in an environmentally safe way.

The challenge

Pulp producers face strict environmental regulations and limits. This requires innovative and reliable solutions for the efficient recovery and reuse of pulping chemicals.

The solution

SulfitePower boilers combust the organic content of the concentrated liquor and close the chemical cycle during pulp cooking. The process includes raw acid preparation and combustion of malodorous gases while adhering to even the strictest environmental regulations. As a result of the thermal conversion of pulping chemicals, pulp mills can be self-sufficient in meeting their internal energy demand.

A multi-stage chemical recovery system uses highly efficient systems for the separation of both water-soluble and insoluble materials. The scrubber system is uniquely designed for this purpose and guarantees an excellent raw acid quality, which is the basis for high yield during sulfite pulp production.

The benefits of sulfite liquor boilers

ANDRITZ sulfite liquor boilers generate high-pressure steam while converting the main chemicals in the spent cooking liquor to cooking acid for reuse in the pulping process. This is accomplished at very high efficiencies and with low air emissions. The boiler is designed for the additional integration and combustion of methanol, furfural, sludge (production waste), gases with high SO2 concentrations, biogases, and odorous gases (HVLC).

Sulfite recovery boiler

Sulfite recovery boiler (SulfitePower), at Sappi Saiccor, South Africa


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