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Bubbling fluidized bed boilers

EcoFluid bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boilers utilize solid fuels, from clean biomass to alternative fuels and wastes. This efficient combustion technology ensures clean combustion with low environmental impact.

The challenge

Fuel availability and quality vary depending on location and season. With emission limits being frequently tightened and challenged, there is a need for power generation technology that is able to utilize different low-quality fuels with high efficiency and availability – and with a minimum of emissions.

The solution

The bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) is the best technology for combustion of a wide range of biomass and alternative fuels for steam and power generation. The high heat capacity of the fluidized bed evens out the fluctuations caused by fuel quality variation and effectively maintains combustion.

The EcoFluid BFB boiler is pre-designed with standardized solutions and processes, with the additional flexibility of strongly customer-tailored features. All EcoFluid boilers are designed as natural circulation high-pressure steam boilers, equipped with auxiliaries and emission reduction technologies as required.

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Biomass fuels

The EcoFluid Biomass Concept (BC) is designed for different biomass fuels. The process consists of fuel feeding into the boiler and in-house water-cooled fluidizing grid design with efficient bottom ash and fly ash handling systems. The boiler is highly instrumented and capable of unmanned operation.

Alternative fuels

The EcoFluid Advanced Concept (AC) is specially designed for combustion of challenging biomass fuels such as paper sludge, agricultural residues, and waste wood. The boiler has an open nozzle grid for reliable discharge of inert coarse particles and meets all relevant requirements of the Waste Incineration Directive.

Waste fuels

EcoFluid Residue Concept (RC) is an excellent choice for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) fractions and other waste materials with challenging fuel properties. These fuels can even be used in combination with sewage sludge. The open nozzle grid is specially designed for waste fuels and the boiler features a solid radiation and horizontal back pass design.

Benefits of the EcoFluid bubbling fluidized bed boiler

Fuel flexibility

  • Large variations in fuel moisture
  • Large particle size variations

High combustion and boiler efficiency

Low emissions

  • Low CO
  • Low NOx with air staging (SNCR and SCR available)
  • Low HCl and SO2 with sorbent injection and bag filter (if needed)

Low maintenance costs

  • Simple, reliable construction
  • No moving parts

High availability and long life

  • Conservative design, effective soot blowing, high quality components

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