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Circulating fluidized bed gasification

ANDRITZ Carbona supplies proven technology on a commercial scale for challenging gasification applications.

The circulating fluidized (CFB) bed gasifier was developed in the 1980’s by the former Ahlstrom Oy and was utilized in connection with lime kilns. Gasifier gas from bark and wood residues replaced heavy oil or natural gas as fuel for the kiln. ANDRITZ Carbona is in the process of updating this gasifier technology and “re-commercializing” it for use with modern kilns and boilers.

Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) gasifier

Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) gasifier

The CFB gasifier is designed to produce 10-150 MWth combustible fuel gas. The gasification system is capable by itself of replacing 100% of oil/gas consumption in a boiler or kiln with sustainable biomass fuels.

The design is based on high-quality, proven in-house commercial equipment: from biomass fuel receiving equipment to the fuel gas combustion system, including tuning of the entire system. The latest system was sold to Metsä-Botnia, Finland, in 2011.

Most large coal-fired power boilers can be converted at least partially to use gasifier gas from biomass. If biomass is first gasified and the gas incinerated in the boiler, the amount of biomass replacement can be considerably larger than repowering with direct biomass combustion.

Using existing power generation capacity for CO2 reduction would be an economically viable way to utilize local biomass in an amount that is available within reasonable transportation distances. Also, co-firing of biomass gas in large and efficient power plants enables biomass utilization with excellent efficiency compared to distributed generation in small plants.


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