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Woodyard: ANDRITZ wood processing technology

ANDRITZ wood processing technology

For all climates, species, and industries

Wood processing

ANDRITZ engineers advanced wood, chip, and biomass processing plants, as well as individual wood processing equipment for forest products and power industries. ANDRITZ is a leading supplier of systems, equipment, and processes for all steps required in a woodyard: from the arrival of logs to the plant to their subsequent preparation into wood chips. These chips are used in the production of chemical and mechanical pulps. Alternatively, the technology is used for the processing of biomass for energy generation.

ANDRITZ wood processing technologies are integrated and customized for all types of wood processing applications. Whether for processing whole trees, short wood, wood chips, or woody biomass, ANDRITZ has the right equipment for receiving, debarking, chipping, screening, storing, reclaiming, and handling waste streams.

Modern wood processing plants are designed for producing high-quality chips or biomass according to end product requirements. At the same time, the objective is to minimize labor and energy costs, wood losses, environmental load, and maintenance requirements.

Products include woodyard portal cranes, PowerFeed conveyors, debarking drums, RotaBarker debarkers, chippers, chip screens, screw reclaimers, bark shredders, bark presses, biomass crushers, pre-steaming bins, and grinder chargers.

The expertise of ANDRITZ extends to:

  • Pulpwood processing in both cold and warm climates
  • Groundwood processing, complete with grinder charging system
  • Processing of eucalyptus and various tropical hardwoods
  • Chip and bark processing (including screening, storage, and pre-steaming)
  • Wood processing for the panel board industry
  • Biomass processing and handling applications for power boilers, pelletizing plants, biomass gasification plants etc.

ANDRITZ has a long history and a depth of experience in processing various hardwoods, softwoods, and residual wood products.

Biomass handling systems for power generation

Starting with wood or biomass receiving and storage, ANDRITZ supplies systems that meet all phases of biomass processing needs: from receiving systems to screening, size reduction, storage, conveying, and contaminant removal.

This equipment is offered in stand-alone configurations for upgrades and retrofits, and as completely integrated, customized system solutions. There is also a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for power boiler feeding (materials handling and automatic distribution/feeding devices) and ash handling (boiler bottom and fly ash handling).

Wood processing line

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