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ANDRITZ facades and wall facings

Design meets functionality with ARTOS architectural and design metal fabrics

Whether you are looking for perforated or embossed elements – or a wall facing that combines design and acoustic insulation – ANDRITZ is your partner.

ARTOS metal fabrics are excellent for interior and exterior applications. They are used in architecture and also as design elements. Our 120+ years of experience in plate treatment ensure the best precision, aesthetics, and reliability. ANDRITZ Fiedler invests in the development of new products. One of the latest developments – SonoPerf – is a printable acoustic insulation wall facing. It was invented in collaboration with Marco Mäder, a Swiss acoustics specialist.

SonoPerf – sound-absorbing micro slot plate

SonoPerf is a sound-absorbing micro slot plate with many applications. It has the best sound absorption rates.

There are two types of SonoPerf:

SonoPerf A (absorbing):

SonoPerf A does not need an acoustic fleece, making it perfectly suited for hot or steamy environments as well as in hygienic areas because it is easy to clean. From one or two meters away, the surface appears to be solid, even though there are micro slots for sound absorption.

SonoPerf A

SonoPerf A

SonoPerf D (design):

SonoPerf D is combined with an acoustic fleece, giving it first-class sound absorption rates (Class A up to α 0.95). It is often preferred for design purposes as the micro slots are not visible, even at very close distances.

SonoPerf D

SonoPerf D

Punched and embossed elements for wall facings, facades and boarding

ANDRITZ Fiedler offers a variety of solutions for architects when it comes to design, functionality, and safety. With our in-house die shop we can tailor-make embossed and punched surfaces from aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and other metals. Each can be manufactured to customer demands. In addition, we can produce embossing for anti-slip which is suitable for applications in swimming pools or cooling chambers.

Typical applications for punched and embossed elements

  • Facades
  • Interior design
  • Anti-slip walkways
  • Filling for balustrades
  • Manhole covers
  • Aeration cells

ARTOS – architectural design elements

ANDRITZ Kufferath is one of the leading manufacturers of metal fabrics and wire cloths which are used in a wide range of applications, such as facade cladding, suspended ceilings, wall coverings, flooring, partition walls, and sun protection.

ARTOS fabrics are perfect for interior and exterior applications. They are used as architectural and design elements. The special appeal of the material is its transparency, reflection capability, and its structure. By weaving fine, flexible cables in the lengthwise (warp) direction, and full profiles in the cross (weft) direction, the material is stable in one direction and flexible in the other. The fabric gives the designer almost unlimited creative choice.

The stainless steel base material not only delivers optical qualities (e.g. a high degree of reflection), but also extreme durability. There are a variety of ARTOS mesh types. ANDRITZ Kufferath will help you develop the right solution for your installation, and will support you with all the installation details.

Translucency and physical properties of ARTOS

Architects and designers love the special characteristics of ARTOS wire cloth. This material helps solve the apparent contradiction in terms of being both open and closed as almost no other material can. No matter the installation – vertical wall panels, cubes, or sculptural shapes – the wire cloth does not breach the basic building structure by penetrating it at many different points. A uniform skin can be created that retains its physical integrity while ensuring openness and vista.

Either natural or artificial lighting can be used to provide interesting reflection and color effects. Depending on the angle of the lighting, the fabric can change from transparent to opaque. If light radiates from inside the body of the object, the fabric becomes a translucent membrane. Light from outside the fabric creates the appearance of a closed surface that is dominated by reflection effects.

ARTOS beta – creates a very lively, animated surface

The fabric is fairly dense and often used as a wall and ceiling covering, on facades, and as partition walls.

ARTOS lambda – has different structures on either side

The fabric is defined by the cams on one side and a completely smooth surface on the other. It is rigid in the weft cable direction and flexible in the warp direction. The material is highly suitable for partition walls, ceiling coverings, sun protection, and in exhibition booths. With a denser weave, it can also be used as floor decking.

ARTOS sigma has high transparency

It is flexible in the warp cable direction and rigid in the weft cable direction. Since it can be woven with two, three, or four weft cables – and the mesh size can be customized – a wide range of open areas can be created. It is suitable as wall or ceiling covering, on facades, as sun protection, or as filling panels for stairways and balcony rails.

ARTOS gamma – fine-woven material

ARTOS gamma is a particularly fine-woven material that is flexible in the warp cable direction and rigid in the direction of the weft cable. Due to its almost textile-like character, it is popular in luxury interiors, in suspended ceilings, wall coverings, or in exhibition booths.

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