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Process optimization contracts

Sindus OPP increases the competitiveness of your mill by reducing process variations and improving production stability. Sindus OPP provides a fast return on investment to the mill; more than 80% of Sindus OPP solutions have demonstrated a payback in less than three months.

Sindus OPP combines powerful analytical software with the local service team’s knowledge of instrumentation and control and with a remote tie-in to ANDRITZ’s chief process and equipment experts.

Variability reduction

Variability reduction

The analytical software collects information from your DCS and PLC systems about each control loop, control valve, motor, and variables in the process. Sophisticated signal processing and statistical tools in the software identify loops that are not performing well and predict the economic impact on the process.

ANDRITZ experts work with your operations and maintenance staff to prioritize the opportunities and make corrections.

For some loops, it can be a simple fix (like repairing a valve or replacing a poorly performing instrument) or tuning. Others require analyzing the overall control objective and changing the process control strategy in order to eliminate off-spec production, over-consumption of chemicals and energy, and sources of process variability. The results are increased operational stability and reduced waste.

Sindus OPP increases                  Sindus OPP decreases  
  • Production capacity
  • Prime product
  • Equipment availability
  • Process reliability
  • Margins
  • Profits
  • Personnel allocation
  • Chemical consumption
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste
  • Raw material consumption
  • Maintenance costs
  • Down-time

Some examples of Sindus OPP annual savings:

  • 24 MUSD/year: Increased pulp production by 7% with a 99.94% premium pulp quality
  • 10 MUSD/year: 4.8% pulp production increase
  • 2.8 MUSD/year: Increased recovery boiler steam generation
  • 2.3 MUSD/year: Reduced bleaching chemicals
  • 2.2 MUSD/year: Increased recovery boiler steam generation
  • 1.2 MUSD/year: Reduced LPG
Local Sindus OPP team

Local Sindus OPP team


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